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Visiting Friends, BBQ’s, & little weekend getaways

Visiting Friends, BBQ’s, & little weekend getaways

Boy the last few weeks have been rather hectic and they don’t look like easing up for a couple more either.


The best part of the last month was catching up with a good friend who flew over from Switzerland for a short holiday and to show off her new born “Isobelle”. Katey Bear (as I call her) arrived sometime in January and will be flying back home sometime this week, along with Hubby (who flew over a month later) and their two gorgess daughters Isobelle and Cecile. We managed to see each other a few times, along with a bunch of other girlfriends who we all used to hang out with years ago, back in our “surfing” days.

It’s funny, everytime she hits our shores (usually once a year) we all get together and it’ll be the only time we all see one another. Life just gets so busy – it seems it takes a buddy from oversea’s to force us to catch up, which is really sad. Kate met Rene on route from Borneo, he was travelling out here to Perth to do a 6 month english course and Kate was coming back home… it was love at first sight, and they were married over in Switzerland 5 years ago. I was lucky enough to go over and attend the fairytale wedding, which took place in a magnificant Castle. Every year they usually come back and catch up with Kate’s family here and of course us… which is great.


Anyhow, a couple of weekends ago we all gathered (kids in tow) at the Floreat Beach Park and had a few snagga’s (sausages) and sangga’s (sandwiches). It was a super fantastic day, the weather was gorgess and the Park/Cafe which overlooks Floreat Beach, is one of the nicest beaches in Perth. The kid’s played on the grass, playground in the ocean AND on the beach and we all gossiped, laughed and caught up. It was just brilliant!

Here’s a few snaps from the day.. The first is of a guy on a motorized bicycle, or is it tricycle, anyhow he had his Esky strapped to the back of it.. all painted up with “Black Betty” lol, which we all thought pretty hilarious.


Black Betty Bogan
Black Betty Bogan





Harri – Kel’s hubby, he’s a super nice guy.. they make a great couple. They have two gorgeous boys, but I didn’t seem to get a shot of them


The ever lovely Samantha (who is a very talented artist).
She had her twin boys and daughter along with her also, but they were off down the beach swimming most of the day… so no snaps of them either!


Kate & Isobelle - Floreat Beach

I just loved this picture of Kate and Isobelle… she is a beautiful baby


Looking forward to when they get come back again later this year at Christmas time. Although it might be odd seeing everyone else again so soon, hehe. (just jokes!) Kristen and Cath better come next time, or they’ll be HELL to pay! :)~

Little Weekend Getaways

Last weekend we all packed up went off down South of Perth to a coastal town called Dunsborough. It’s about 2 1/2 hrs drive, and it’s just about the prettiest place you can go to.

There’s loads of surf, wineries, wildlife. Unfortunately the whole region is being developed like crazy. It’s changed quite a bit since I last went down. All in all though, we had a wonderful time, it’s still so peaceful there.

We met up with Kate, Rene and the kids on the Saturday (they’d been down there the entire week, relaxing). Kate’s aunty let her stay in their old holiday house down there, which is nestled inbetween Yallingup and Dunsborough, we were lucky enough to stay there also. It was just perfect.. an old farm house style joint, with sweeping views of Georgraphy bay, which was quite spectacular! After drinking a few wines Sat night and gorging ourselves on Rice, Chicken Kebabs and Naan bread, (simple meals can be the yummiest) I crashed out to the best sleep ever… waking to the soft songs of Magpies in the morning.


We were off later that morning to meet up with another old Surf Pal (or Gidget as we were called back then) Vanessa. We hooked up to meet them at Smiths Beach. It was great to see her her partner and kiddies (Tanna & Sally). It wasn’t terrific weather for swimming, but they all went out and surprisingly the water was quite warm. I sat on the beach cuddling Isobelle and yapping to the rest… it was a great day.


After saying our goodbyes we trundled off home… fully exhausted. Funny how driving in a car and standing around talking tires one out!


Kate and her fam come back Christmas, which is great.. it won’t be so long inbetween seeing them all again. I’m still hoping they’ll decided to move to Oz and stay!


Baby Isobelle sleeping peacefully after a feed (finally!)




The Trampoline was a big hit with Cecile, she loved bouncing up and down as I sang old Nursery rhymes, or just about any song I could come up with.


Kate, Rene & Isobelle

Cecile and her awesome Tiger hooded towel!


Vanessa and daughter Tannah


Vanessa, Kate and Myself (holy cow Nessa, do something with ya hair! lol)

Just a lil preview for Mandy

Just a lil preview for Mandy

The beginning of something I’m creating…..the muse is the lovely “Mandy Murphy”

It’s quite a way off being finished, but I’m loving how it’s turning out already, so wanted to post up.

Mandy herself even says she’s digging too, so what better compliment can I get?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Illustration Friday – Legendary

Illustration Friday – Legendary
I chose to do a portrait from a photograph of my late sister Ann at age 5 years. She passed away in May 2002 from Motor Neuron Disease. She suffered with this horrible disease for 9 months. 

She will always be a legend in my mind… We all miss you Ann.

I thought I’d add the photo I used to sketch her from, as it’s always been a favourite. ย I’ve also decided to do some more portraits of my family members – I’m No 6 of 6 infact. ย So I’m gonna have my work cut out for me! ๐Ÿ™‚