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Something spooky in the making

Something spooky in the making

I asked a bunch of ladies here at where I work, if they had any old fashion mag’s they no longer needed, to send them my way for use in sketching.

So I was recently given one of those “Hello Magazines”… and after coming across a picture of Princess Beatrice, decided to sketch her.  ( I didn’t intend on making her creepy looking, it just happened I swearrrr!!)

Isn’t she an odd looking thing… she has her fathers eyes, her mothers teeth and hair. I say odd, but she is rather pretty and attractive. Quite a fascinating face, although I think she needs a complete wardrobe make over.. not that I can talk I guess, but come on you’re royalty! Work it woman!!

Strangely enough, as I arrived to work this morning, so did the lady who gave me the Hello Mag, I had to tell her what I’d started to draw… thanking her so much for the magazine, as I’d never read them before.

She then started to tell me the story of how she had to pour through them, as when she worked on a special VIP airline, she would have to remove them if there was any gossip about some of the celebrities that would be aboard that day. WELL!!!.. that got me rather excited.. I asked who she’d met, and she rattled off a dozen names like, Michael Jackson, Mel Gibson, Jack Nicholson… and at hearing that, I had to ask what he was like.. she said “He’s just GORGESS, you can see why women are so attracted to him”. I can believe that, I love that man!

Passing on this knowledge, to another young work girlfriend here, she just went off the plot when I mentioned she’d met MJ.. she’s all excited now and will be hassling her later. eep lol

Whoops, maybe I shouldn’t of divulged! There goes my supply of Hello Magazines! Kind of exciting though, that someone here at work has met all sorts of famous people.. I think I’ll be wanting a little chat with her later too!! hehe

Rebecca Von Shmoozle-Housen

Rebecca Von Shmoozle-Housen

The latest painting in the visual diary…

Rebecca Von Shmoozle-Housen was the wife of the dashing and handsome Mining magnate George Genxaiver.  He made his billions working hard in the silver mines of Monchent in Northern Western Australia.  He had been married 3 times previously, but found true love with Rebecca.  They met at the local Milk Bar in  the spring of 2003.  She was buying cat food for her hairless cat Bobby…he was buying cigarettes.

George bumped into her as he reached across the counter to pick out his favourite brand –  Bronzenton.  It was love at first site.  They are expecting their first child in March 2004.

Betty in colour

Betty in colour

Betty in colour, originally uploaded by GasBombGirl.

Well I painted up my Calendar girl Betty. I started out by using water colour pencils which I decided I didnt like, then begun using my water colour paints.. and it started getting a little murkey. Oh well, she sorta came out okay.. I think I prefer the simple pencil version to this end one though.

I’m happy with her hands, which I usually have trouble with… forcing myself to attempt fingers and hands more, in different ways, so i get past them looking like weirdy stumpy things. lol