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Avant Post Cards arrived!

Avant Post Cards arrived!

A wonderful package arrived today… the sample postcards of the Christmas artwork I created, printed up by Avant Card.  If you are unfamiliar with Avant Card, they are an Australian company that prints promotional postcards for businesses (for a fee) which sit in Free postcard stands all over Australia.  However, they also run an artists program, which is when they ask people to submit their artworks to them.  If you are selected they print off up to 20,000 of your design, also sending you theAvant Cards arrive artist samples of the postcards, 500 to be exact!  The stands are pretty much all over the place here in Australia, and often contain an awesome array of many different postcards. I have myself collected them over the years, and told myself I must try to send in my work at some point, to see if I could be included amongst these clever free postcards in the future. (Not ever really thinking I would be!)

So when I was told that my “Bush Christmas” artwork had made the selection I was quite excited!

Keep your eyes peeled for them, appearing at certain little cafe’s, cinemas or University’s etc, as you may well just find it for yourself in the flesh !

(With much thanks to Goodnight Little Spoon – fellow Avant Card artist, for her words and thoughts on how to go about all this, as I was quite confuzled on it all.)

Home Open – Freo Arts Centre

Home Open – Freo Arts Centre

As I’m doing a course at the Fremantle Arts Centre currently, I had time to wander through the latest exhibition, which I must say I totally enjoyed.

Titled “Home Open” – it has on display well known Artists favourite collectibles and artworks from their own homes.  I captured a few of my fav’s.. but definitely get on down there if you can to check it out yourselves.  Make sure you go upstairs as well, some of the artists pieces up there were brilliant….. unfortunately my camera decided to be a reh-tard and quit taking photos.

HOME OPEN: Fremantle Artists and their Collections

Fremantle Arts Centre presents a special exhibition, which tells the story of Fremantle’s artists and their own personal collections.

WHERE: 1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle, Western Australia

FROM: 27 November 2010 – 21 January 2011

Featuring collections from :

Amanda McHenry, André Lipscombe, Annette Seeman and John Teschendorff, Brian McKay, Christine Gosfield, Evelyn Kotai and Giles Hohnen, Gisela Züchner-Mogall, Harry Hummerston, Holly Story, Jane Martin and George Haynes, Jánis Nedéla, Joss Gregson, Koral and Stripe, Max Pam, Megan Salmon, Michelle Sharpe and Jurek Wybraniec,

Nien Schwarz, Pam and Tony Jones, Paul Uhlmann, Penny Bovell, Perdita Phillips, Pippin Drysdale, Richard Gunning, Ruth and Trevor Vickers, Susanna Castleden and Bevan Honey, Tanya Schultz, Theo Koning, Therese Howard, Trevor Richards, and Twenty Eleven

Banner is Up!

Banner is Up!

The artwork which I completed  for the City of Cockburn has been placed up and you can catch a glimpse of it as you drive along North Lake Road, near Phoenix Road Lights in Bibra Lake.

I must say it does look pretty damn good.  I can’t believe how much traffic goes up that road… literally hundreds of thousands of people drive up and down that road every day.  If I had a penny for every person who did, I’d be off on a holiday round the world!!

I’m still pinching myself that the piece is up and that it will also be a Postcard soon.  Stay tuned as I will be giving out bunches of them to anyone willing to send me some postage moola for a bunch of 10 or 20 at a time.  60 cents should cover it I think..?

Anyhow for now I have a photograph of how the banner came up on site….