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el grotty Studio

el grotty Studio

Busy painting tonight, in my very messy studio… at least the sunset gave it a pretty backdrop… and thank god for the cooler weather… the humidity over the last few days nearly did my head in!

It was 40 degree’s celcius on Sat with about 90% humidity! Thanks to Bianca a Cyclone that dropped in, our weather has been craziness… Perth never gets like this in Jan!! Hot maybe, but not this sticky..ick!

As soon as all the work on these paintings are done, I’ll get around to organising it a bit better.  Until then it’s a losing battle me thinks!


el grotty Studio, originally uploaded by GasBombGirl.


You think I’m pshyco – don’t you Momma?

You think I’m pshyco – don’t you Momma?

Here is my favourite rendition of a country cult classic “Psycho” – which was originally composed by Leon Payne, a blind Texas country singer-song writer, after he’d read about fellow Texan Charles Whitman.

The details on Whitman were that in 1966 he strangled his Mother to death, stabbed his wife and then headed to the top of a University of a Texas Library tower and opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd… using his Marine corps sniper rifle, killing sixteen people. Whiteman was gunned down by police.

During his autopsy, it was discovered that Whitman had a deadly brain tumor. But Whitman had been unaware of this–although he had complained about headaches and nausea weeks before his rampage. It has been suggested that this tumor drove Whitman to his killing spree.

There are a few very different versions of this song… needless to say my favourite is the Beasts of Bourbons version. I also found that Elvis Costello created a rendition… with George Jones and Eddie Noack both recording it first.

Apparently in the re-make of Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” the song was recorded by Teddy Thompson. I quite liked Teddy’s version too.

Here’s the Beasts of Bourbons (Cult Aussie band)…recorded back in 1988… and also Teddy’s – which has been placed to the backdrop of a movie called “M”. I’ll let you decide which you like best.



The Lyrics

Can Mary fry some fish, mama
I’m as hungry as can be
Oh lord, how I wish, mama
You could stop the baby cryin’
‘Cause my head is killing me

I saw my ex again last night mama
She was at the dance at Miller’s store
She was with that Jackie White mama
I killed them both
And they’re buried under Jacob’s sycamore

You think I’m psycho don’t you mama
I didn’t mean to break your cup
You think I’m psycho don’t you mama
You better let ’em lock me up

Oh, don’t hand me Johnny’s pup mama
As I might squeeze him too tight
I’m havin’ crazy dreams again mama
So let me tell you ’bout last night
I woke up in Johnny’s room mama
Standing right there by his bed
With my hands around his throat mama
Wishing both of us were dead

You think I’m psycho don’t you mama
I just killed Johnny’s pup
You think I’m psycho don’t you mama
You’d better let ’em lock me up

Oh you recall that little girl mama
I believe her name was Betty Clark
Oh don’t tell me that she’s dead mama
‘Cause I just saw her in the park
We were sitting on a bench mama
Thinking of a game to play
Seems I was holding a wrench mama
Then my mind just walked away

You think I’m psycho don’t you mama
I didn’t mean to break your cup
You think I’m psycho don’t you mama
Mama why don’t you get up?

History taken from http://www.rocksbackpagesblogs.com

Hilarious British Animal Voiceovers

Hilarious British Animal Voiceovers

I was sent this link the other day and just about pee’d my pants laughing over it! Gotta love British humor, it’s the best.

And this was also forwarded on the same day.. might be a good idea to watch the Voice over thing afterwards, as this is rather depressing… it is a website of aerial photographs that show the full devastation the Queensland floods have brought.

When you roll over the image, you’ll see the before and after images of each shot.


The Runaways – Neon Angel

The Runaways – Neon Angel

I watched the movie “the runaways” tonight.. I was rather impressed, but then again I’ve always been a bit of a rocker chic. Needless to say I’ve always loved Joan Jett and he whole “girls going alone” junk. I mean I got a surfboard riders club called the Gidgets going – girls only …and man, was that was a whole lotta fun.

Anyhow after the show, of course I hada google/youtube the evidence online of how the Runaways looked vrs the movie. I was surprised at how accurate they looked. And have to say was impressed with how Kirsten Stewart acted out Joan Jett’s persona.. and of course Dakota Fanning’s cut of Cherie Currie too.

Gutsy and original I’d venture to state.. I loved it all.  Great story of a fantastic band.. *do yourself a favour* and get it out…I think I’ll buy it myself.

Anyhow check out the original footage .. and if you wanna view the movie and compare.

http://www.schlockmania.com/runaways-stDakota Fanning & Kirsten Stewart



Thumbnail Images from – http://www.schlockmania.com/runaways-st

Progress of Fury

Progress of Fury

Creating some neat characters that feature in book “Fury” written by Perth author Shirley Marr. www.shirleymarr.net/books/books.html

I’ve taken a bit too long to finish these, I was probably a bit intimidated by the whole project to be honest, so procrastinated quite a bit !

Now that I’m getting into it, I’m loving the process immensely.

Hoping it all comes together at the end… long way to go yet.

Oh and Happy New Year to one and all!



progress-fury1, originally uploaded by GasBombGirl.