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Should you work for free?

Should you work for free?

Ever been asked to do some work for nothing, or next to nothing? I’m sure you have.. who hasn’t? Sometimes the answer can be difficult.. we all like to do people favours, no doubt.

But of course sometimes, it’s not as clear cut… So next time your Mum, friend or even a legitimate business asks for you to use your skills for zeRo dollars, check out this very cool (decidedly naughty worded) flow chart by illustrator Jessica Hische. You’ll find you can make a well thought out decision and be smiling at the end of it.

Warning on the language… mind you it’s pretty damn funny, you won’t have time to get offended!


All images copyright Jessica Hische

Fury Illustration Finito

Fury Illustration Finito

Author and friend Shirley Marr asked for some artwork, depicting her characters from her most recent published book – “Fury”. For exchange of the book itself I agreed… I figured that was a great trade… the story is excellent. My daughter (15yrs)  also read it and enjoyed also.

I asked my daughter and her two girlfriends to model for the painting that I created. I really needed some snooty attituded posing.. and they sure did come through.

I must admit that I’ve been having a few problems of late getting my head into the right space to create, this and a few other paintings.  Painters block or something?  It happens I guess. But hey, I have finished and I do quite like the finished product.

One of the many reviews: “A thrilling, fantastic (and sarcastic) read.” http://heyteenager.blogspot.com

Black Dog Books: http://www.bdb.com.au/books/fury

I am definitely looking forward to Shirley’s next book, which I believe is being written now and perhaps if not finished, just about.  Keep a look out for her name, you’ll be seeing alot more of her.


Fury , originally uploaded by GasBombGirl.