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Random drawings – Merry Christmas!

Random drawings – Merry Christmas!

Well there’s another Christmas, done and dusted!  I have to say, rather glad too…. so much has to happen for this one day to kick off just right.  It is starting to get beyond a joke!

Anyway, at least we all had alcohol to make the day slide on past smoothly, (what me an alkie?? Noooo way!)  But seriously, it was a great day, enjoyed by all….

It was also my birthday on the 13th, so I  was doubly  lucky to get a super duper gift  and have been fiddling around on it since!  A Samsung Galaxy Note 10.0 – and it’s pretty kool, me likey!  The notepad facility on it isn’t really meant to be for sketching or doodling, but I’ve been having a blast with it just the same.  I should really drag out my WACOM again…!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas… watch out New Years is just around the corner… and I’m hoping it’ll be a good one!  Happy 2013 all, may you have a friggen awesome one!

Pigs will Fly!
pigs will fly!


Hairy rough lookin’ dood – Jack Irish

Baby Bloo

bloo eyed, blue hair, gal