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A Happy Sale

This painting was in an exhibition last July and didn’t sell. I wasnt too worried, I liked having her up in my home office, sitting behind where I am right now.

I’d  printed out the image though and had it up on my cubicle wall at work and a work colleague happened to eye it one day asking if it was still for sale.

She was elated to hear it was, and even more excited when I told her the title of it. “Follow the Raven”

Her business name (a design company) uses part of her surname and her man’s to form the word Raivans, so it was a done deal for her after this fact came to light!

So she now sits proudly in her office (with green walls to boot!) and she promises to send me photo of her new home.

I’m so stoked she’s been sold to someone who appreciates her as much as I have done. yay!