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Bestiolas Exhibition

Oh boyo boy!… am I looking forward to this exhibition!  Bestiolas!  For those smarty pants out there who speak latin, you’ll know the meaning, but for everyone else who is normal so to speak, it means “Little creature”.

It is being held at one of my favourite drinking holes, “Little Creatures Brewery” in Fremantle and will be featuring artworks from some really fantastic talent, not to mention new and emerging artists here in Perth.

I have to say I’m also pretty happy with my artwork… think cute, (yet creepy) little animal with huge ears.. lots of fluff…  and dark devilish eyes, that bore into your very soouuullll!!  *insert spooky music here*! 🙂

Can’t show you yet of course, but you can eventually see the piece and the others, in all their glory when it opens on Wednesday the 19th October, running till November 17.   It starts at 6pm, so hope to see you there for a pint or 3 whilst we oogle all the yummy art. (bring your wallet!)

Check out the wicked poster one of the participating artists created for the event… noice!