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Bette Davis Sketch # 2

Bette Davis no 2
Originally uploaded by Sandymichelle

Still having a bash at this… my second attempt at drawing the lovely Bette Davis. I’m liking this version better than the first.

Even though it really doesn’t look like her that much, I’m really digging how it looks, so that’s good!


Or how about with red lips added.
Bette Davis - Ruby Red Lips


  1. avatar Alina Chau wrote:

    very nice drawing!

  2. avatar johanna wrote:

    i love those eyes! very intense.

  3. avatar Shani wrote:

    Well, you know actually I think this one looks more like her than the first. It captures the intensity of her eyes, that kind of quirkiness she had about her, not really pretty, just so different looking you thought she was. Very well done!

  4. avatar Anne Leuck Feldhaus Studio, Ltd wrote:

    i love this drawing!

  5. avatar .sm. wrote:

    thank you everyone! I’m loving it too, but still going to do some more!

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