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Live Painting in Fremantle – 3 Nov 2018

What a huge day!

We spent 3 hours painting our little butts off ! Kate Martin, Olivia Robinson and I teamed up to create 3 individual pieces of art for the Fremantle Instameet event, organised by Marc from Infreo and Shevy from Workshop Freo.  

It was also in conjunction with the Freo Festival Kraken event and Blazing Swan. There were so many people wandering around, with all sorts of get-ups on, it was very cool!

After 3 hours of painting in the sun and wind, I was pretty much smashed ! It was a very rewarding day, and I’d totally do it again!

Here’s some images from the day to browse. (thank you if you came to say hello!)

Live painting on 3 November in Fremantle!

Save the date! Saturday the 3rd of November 2018  is the day to be “In Freo” – where I’ll be painting LIVE!

Join the Facebook Event
and keep up to date!

As part of the Fremantle Festival 2018, Blazing Swan are once again firing up Kraken: Come to the Fires, a festival of fun, frivolity and flames. The event culminates in a gigantic bonfire at Bather’s Beach at sunset, and features markets, food trucks, music, activities and entertainment throughout the day… and well into the night. 

As part of the event, you are invited to the inaugural In Freo Instameet hosted by Workshop Freo. Join us in the Bather’s Beach Arts Precinct from 3.30- 5.30pm for nibbles and networking amongst fellow local businesses, artists and community members PLUS live art, photo comp The Norfolk Pines Band and more!

Local artists Sandy Gaskett, Liv Robinson and Kate Martin are generously donating their time and talent and will be live painting for charity. Their completed works, as well as works by Steve Br0wne and Art by Destroy will be auctioned to raise funds for their preferred charities.

For more information, updates, art auction bidding and special announcements, follow me on  Instagram – Gasbombgirlart or Facebook – or follow  “Workshop Freo” and “In Freo” also on Facebook and Instagram. 

Hope to see you there! 

Cottesloe Paint Off – Hyrdrocryl event

What a great event !  Myself and some fellow perth Artists all got together down at Cottesloe Beach to create ocean inspired abstracts and seascapes.  It was all thanks to a wonderful incentive and sponsorship program run by Hydrocryl acrylic paints, a Melbourne based company.

Myself, Jess Swan, Kate Martin, and Peta Ciraolo all met down at Cottesloe Beach (in front of the Indiana Tearooms) on Thursday 18th January 2018, where we set up our easles and painted for 2 hours.  We had an abundance of onlookers walk by, stop and chat, fellow art lovers and other artists who came to say a gday and watch us in full painty mode!

We also set up our phones to stream via Instagram live the whole event.  We had over 5,000 viewers from all over the world.  It was so exhilarating to do and I’m hoping we go on to do more here.

Peta and myself will be painting live again at the coming Coogee Live – on the Sunday 25 March at the Port Coogee marina.  Jess and Kate will also be painting at Coogee Live but on the 24 March.   We can’t wait!

Here’s a couple of photos from the Cottesloe paint off event.

Please scroll through the first image to see more from the day >>



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Scroll through images to see more >>


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Paintings on display in Nov/Dec 2017

It is an exciting month ahead, with some new paintings going up at the Gypsy Tapas House restaurant in Fremantle!   Come on down from the 21st November to view, stop by and have a meal and enjoy the ambience.  It’s a fantastic spot for a good night out with friends, live music and fab tapas food!

I’ll have an abundance of paintings hanging there until 19th December about.

If you go in, let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

Meanwhile here’s a few images of what you’ll see!



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Show off 13

Show off 13

This year’s City of Cockburn local artists exhibition “Show Off” – was again a really great night!  So lucky to be involved with this each year.  

I went with 3 cute paintings of some pretty little girls… my favourite subjects!  And they ALL sold within the first hour!  I was pretty stoked to say the least!

Check out all pretty girls out below 🙂

Acrylic on canvas – “The flowerstarter”


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Acrylic on canvas – “chastity rose”


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Oils on canvas  – “The cat lady”


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Mini surf paintings for a mini give away!

Mini surf paintings for a mini give away!

I have begun a new series of miniature wave / beach paintings for an exciting give away!

With the first done as a warm up birthday gift for a friend, it was perfect to get me in the mood for the others!  I should have the 4 mini paintings completed in about a months, all ready for a fun give away on my Facebook and Instagram.

Stay tuned for more info and updates on the latest editions to this series of four paintings.  

Here’s what I’ve completed so far – ideas for titles are welcome!

 The first image is the  birthday gift,  just to warm things up!  ” Stormy bay”


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Still a little more to go with this one, mid-way progress shot and a more abstract feel.


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Commissions and Donations

Commissions and Donations

I’ve been having some great fun creating a few new pieces which I’m pleased to say turned out so awesome !

Using Oils on this piece was a bit of a head spin!  Normally painting in acrylics, I decided to commit fully to using oils this time, and was so glad that I did.  The results were brilliant – as you can see below!

Here it is titled “The glass tunnel” was a commission for a lovely friends birthday.  Roughly 6 feet long, it looked fantastic once hung – check it out!!  


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Here’s a mid-way shot of it in my studio.


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This next one was for the Fremantle Hockey Club’s quiz night. This time I stuck with acrylics, as it needed to be done quickly – and had about a week to get this one ready to hand over.  

Titled “The Free Doctor” – I am hoping it raised some much needed money on the night! 


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Trudy the space explorer 

Trudy the space explorer 

She’s going where no woman has been before! 

Don’t you wish you could just jump in your space ship and travel to an interesting  planet.

Imagine that,  Instagrams of the latest delicacies of Neptune,  Mars, and Uranus!? 😁 .   Maybe one of these days in the future huh! (like about a zillion !)

Meanwhile we watch on as Trudy checks out a new planet in the Delta quadrant.  (yep I’m a star trek nerd!) 

Trudy the space explorer
Trudy the space explorer

Perth RAW 2017

Perth RAW 2017

Done and dusted! What a wonderful night had by all!

I admit i was a little dubious at first when approached, and asked around if it would be worth it…  but what  an amazing night, full of art, fashion and music…  And about 250 people or more! It was mental! 

I’m so glad i did get involved, hopefully this will lead to more opportunities. We shall wait and see!

I had about 30 friends and family come support me, and it was just an awesome night for feedback and networking with other artists.

I’ll probably not do this night again though, so much work to organise, and when you also work full-time, it can be bit of a head spin!

But sure am glad I’ve done this once at least! Yay!

Here’s a pic of my setup for the night.  

The setup at Perth RAW, Cusp event – Rosemount Hotel.

Mab graves draftmatic pencils &  yupo notepad

Mab graves draftmatic pencils &  yupo notepad

I’ve just received my order from the most amazing artist,  Mab Graves.  

Nope,  it’s  not artworks but mechanical pencils,  draft/matic pencils,  along with a lovely yupo notepad of paper.  And it’s all soooo niceee! 

cute sticker stamps,  because it’s so pretty,  der! 

Already been using the pencils and they’re bloody brilliant!

If you’re into using pencil,  then hurry up and buy! The yupo paper I’m still to get my head around.  Feels quite silky and luxurious though.  I’ve heard it takes a bit getting used to though,  gulp! 

Ok update,  the paper is super cool! Easy to use,  very different to drawing on normal paper.  Love it,  it’s very forgiving,  and i imagine pencils love it too if they could speak! 

Visit  mabgraves.Com to see her work. You won’t be disappointed,  especially if you love  baby dinosaurs,  cute little animals,  children,  each and every one with adorably  odd and strange personalities.

Good bye 2016

Good bye 2016

and thanks for the memories…. and the art !

It was a fun year, loads of different styles and doodles tried on.  I’m hoping to convert a few of these into artworks for the RAW Perth event on 2 Feb – do you have your tickets yet!   Go buy to support me at http://www.rawartists.org/gasbombgirl – click buy tickets and come hang out!!  There will lots to see and do – fashion models, art, hair models, photography, and loads more!

I’ve scored a great spot near the main stage and the bar, TOTALLY STOKED!  See you there!!

Meanwhile here’s a bit of art posted up on Instagram – where you can find me most active with posts.  I wish wordpress integrated better with it!


Beautiful Baby Bump

Beautiful Baby Bump

Hi Friends!

It has been a busy couple of months.  With a wonderful holiday to the United States and Canada in September, I then came back to a couple of commissions to start cracking on!

The first one kept me very busy with a request for a pencil drawing of a lovely friend who just happens to have the most amazing fit body for a pregnant lady, asked me to sketch her with baby bump included.

She works very very hard at keeping her body looking so sleek, but of course competing in a beauty pageant whilst pregnant probably was a good reason to keep on top of it all.

Her drawing came out a treat, and she loves it. Whew!  I combined a very detailed pencil drawing with some loose watercolour paint patterns around her.

For a friend.