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Trudy the space explorer 

Trudy the space explorer 

She’s going where no woman has been before! 

Don’t you wish you could just jump in your space ship and travel to an interesting  planet.

Imagine that,  Instagrams of the latest delicacies of Neptune,  Mars, and Uranus!? 😁 .   Maybe one of these days in the future huh! (like about a zillion !)

Meanwhile we watch on as Trudy checks out a new planet in the Delta quadrant.  (yep I’m a star trek nerd!) 

Trudy the space explorer
Trudy the space explorer

Moonrise Kingdom!!! (oh and doodles)

Moonrise Kingdom!!! (oh and doodles)

Well my good friends… I have discovered another gem of a movie, and of course it is by one of my all time favourite directors – “Wes Anderson“.  I love the way this man’s mind works… it is yummy and all kinds of delicious!  Watch the trailer below.

And of course hot on it’s tail is another one of Wes’s movies, called “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.


Go get them out, they are wonderful !

Cool, so!….. here are some more doodles and sketches in this “One Sketch a Day” Journal – which is very slowly being filled up.  Some days I do 3 sketches at once, and when I say sketches –  I really do use the term loosely… more like scribbles!

You can sometimes see where my inspirations are coming from – other times, I haven’t a clue either!!

Charlie and Lulu

Charlie and Lulu

Little moleskin sketches can produce some fun results.  I find when I “try” to produce something – it can more often than not miss the mark, of what I was aiming for.  It seems the less I try, and just let my thoughts flow, the easier it becomes.  weird!

Here’s a couple of sketches from today, that kept my mind from fraying at the edges.

Also I must inform that the Exhibition Date is being put off until April.  Date’s will be nailed down shortly and you can hear when either here on my Facebook page.

I’m still busy painting and drawing for it, so its go go go at the gasbomb residence!

Charlie Thurbanks


More World Sketchbook Project entries

More World Sketchbook Project entries

Just a few more drawings and paintings entered in… will be posting back this week!

The Hula Cupcake Deity

Clare Lansdale was one of the first drawings/sketches I put into the journal… the painting on the otherside of the paper she was drawn on though, started to leach through… so figured she might look a bit better with some colour incorporated into her.  I don’t mind at all how it’s turned out!

BeforeClara Lansdale


Clara Lansdale - with a little colour


Chinese Spike doll no 1

Chinese Spike doll no 1

What a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon.   Not doing much other than sitting around drinking cups of tea/coffee, chatting and eating yummy home made cookies.  It ended with some extra work on a fun little drawing/painting.  I started this a few nights ago..  I did see a weird doll that gave me idea’s to create the inital spikey doll… it ended up quite different from the original though.. and I’m pleased with the results.

Mind you, you can see I’m watching way too many horror movies of late!    Really loving “The Walking Dead” a groovy zombie apocalyptic world – where you are always looking over your shoulder for groups of zombies running after you to eatcha up!  (eeek and yay!)  And also the American Horror Story, which is even creepier….a dysfunctional family moves into a murder riddled house, with it’s dead ghostly AND mischievious occupants, having alot of fun tormenting their new owners.  Ahh it’s all good fun really right?!

painting layout

Chinese Spike Doll Card no 1.

The creepy effects and frame on this was created with Lo-Fi – a very funky little program I’ve been having fun with too.


Sketchbook Project 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012


I’ve been rather naughty and leaving this all to the last minute.  It needs to be returned and postmarked by January 31, 2012  – all the way over in New York!  And I havent done really much at all… tisk tisk!  (I did receive the book way back in April!)  The theme I’ve chosen for my book is “Fill me with Stories”.

So every spare moment now I’m drawing into this journal.  I guess I should of kept loads of time free for this, putting some really good pieces down, but it might be a bit of a rush now.

Here’s today’s effort and a couple of others……  *cracks knuckles* – better get moving on it fast though!!

To check out more details about this project, visit HERE

Check out more of my sketchbook images by visiting my on going digital Library HERE – http://www.arthousecoop.com/users/gasbombgirl

Chloe Sevigny inspired image:


Fenec Fox and me as a child

A favourite saying one of my sisters would tell me when I was giving her the shits! lol