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Mini surf paintings for a mini give away!

Mini surf paintings for a mini give away!

I have begun a new series of miniature wave / beach paintings for an exciting give away!

With the first done as a warm up birthday gift for a friend, it was perfect to get me in the mood for the others!  I should have the 4 mini paintings completed in about a months, all ready for a fun give away on my Facebook and Instagram.

Stay tuned for more info and updates on the latest editions to this series of four paintings.  

Here’s what I’ve completed so far – ideas for titles are welcome!

 The first image is the  birthday gift,  just to warm things up!  ” Stormy bay”


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Still a little more to go with this one, mid-way progress shot and a more abstract feel.


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Mab graves draftmatic pencils &  yupo notepad

Mab graves draftmatic pencils &  yupo notepad

I’ve just received my order from the most amazing artist,  Mab Graves.  

Nope,  it’s  not artworks but mechanical pencils,  draft/matic pencils,  along with a lovely yupo notepad of paper.  And it’s all soooo niceee! 

cute sticker stamps,  because it’s so pretty,  der! 

Already been using the pencils and they’re bloody brilliant!

If you’re into using pencil,  then hurry up and buy! The yupo paper I’m still to get my head around.  Feels quite silky and luxurious though.  I’ve heard it takes a bit getting used to though,  gulp! 

Ok update,  the paper is super cool! Easy to use,  very different to drawing on normal paper.  Love it,  it’s very forgiving,  and i imagine pencils love it too if they could speak! 

Visit  mabgraves.Com to see her work. You won’t be disappointed,  especially if you love  baby dinosaurs,  cute little animals,  children,  each and every one with adorably  odd and strange personalities.

Finding your Zen

Finding your Zen

A strange calm always settles over me when I begin to draw or paint.  It’s not that I lead a super stressful life, but for some reason drawing and doodling, painting etc, just tends to settle my mind into a hypnotic and restful state.

Just as my appetite is whet when I think of certain foods, my mind almost salivates at the inkling of an idea to draw, and I am enticed into sitting down to place it down on to paper or canvas.

I think over time, I’ve been coming to realise where my true happiness lies as well in my art style, and this has helped in being confident (mostly!) at what I want to draw.  Of course as many Artists will know, being completely happy with what they produce can be a real demon to battle.  But for the most part of late, I’m happy, and even though I still need to improve in almost all facet’s, I still can sit back and feel relaxed and zen like in what I begin and finish.

For those who don’t draw or struggle with that zen feeling, I read a great article here giving 10  Tips to Finding Your Zen – hit it up for more info.

Latest drawings in pencil and a digital piece below.

Digi Spidey Boi

Digit spidey boy #digital #drawing #art #doodle #sketch #popart #lowbrow #illustration #igers #picoftheday #photooftheday #instaartist #graphic

Reluctant Beach Babe

Reluctant beach babe #art #beach #doodle #sketching #sketch #onesketchaday #journal #illustration #comic #cartoon #draw #artwork #inkdrawing #beachbabe

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde. I'm a bit chuffed with how her hands turned out. I suck majority and usually hide then at all costs. Today i can deal with this effort. =) #draw #artwork #doodle #sketching #ideas #pencildrawing #pencil #strawberryblonde #portrait #il

Halp…! My doodles are taking over!

Halp…! My doodles are taking over!

I love drawing.  Or should I say doodling.  It does seem more and more these days that the only time I do have for art is for sketchy, quick stuff.  I know that I should really spend more time,  but finding the time to devote to such endeavours is becoming hard to find.  Therefore most of the art I produce is quick – with no planning.

Is this a bad thing?… perhaps if I’m not careful, all my art will be a mish mash of doodley scribblings with not much substance to show for my talents.  I worry too that I’m not really progressing further with artist skills. In saying this though,  I had a look at some early stuff from 2009, and there does seem some improvement in my portrait creations.

At any rate, as I said, I really only create art/drawing/doodles because I enjoy it.  I’m not out to win any illustrative prizes or accolades.   So I guess I’ll just keep going the way I’m going – well maybe until I win Lotto and can spend all my day painting and drawing. 😉

Dr Sketchy fun – Miss Gail Force!

Dr Sketchy fun – Miss Gail Force!

Recently went to another Dr Sketchy night, which was held in conjunction with the latest Perth Fringe Festival I was very lucky to have Miss Gail Force as our model. She was dressed up in her Mermaid outfit, and even did some amazing performances with about 300 hula hoops!!! Yep, you read right! She can also do the most amazing acrobatic moves with them, all hula-ing and balancing them !!

She then posed for a series of 2 minute, 5 minute and 20 minute poses. The lovely Dimity Magnus threw into the mix that she’d like to see us incorporate some kind of sea monster or effect.

At the end of the show, one of my paintings was selected as her favourite, which I gladly let her take home.

Great night! I love Dr Sketchy nights!




Moonrise Kingdom!!! (oh and doodles)

Moonrise Kingdom!!! (oh and doodles)

Well my good friends… I have discovered another gem of a movie, and of course it is by one of my all time favourite directors – “Wes Anderson“.  I love the way this man’s mind works… it is yummy and all kinds of delicious!  Watch the trailer below.

And of course hot on it’s tail is another one of Wes’s movies, called “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.


Go get them out, they are wonderful !

Cool, so!….. here are some more doodles and sketches in this “One Sketch a Day” Journal – which is very slowly being filled up.  Some days I do 3 sketches at once, and when I say sketches –  I really do use the term loosely… more like scribbles!

You can sometimes see where my inspirations are coming from – other times, I haven’t a clue either!!

One Sketch a Day

One Sketch a Day

I’ve been trying to stay on top of this little project, but alas the days do zip past me.  I started this book January 1st 2014.

The premise is – to draw, sketch and doodle something into this little journal every day, so as to keep your hand in, to improve upon your talents and of course – a neat way to look back over the year at all the some of your progression and ideas you laid in one cute little book.

Here are some images from what is currently in this little journal.

(You may notice that some pieces have the “Violet and Darby” label on them.  This is my newest side project.  You can read more about that at www.violetanddarby.tumblr.com



Cutesy commissions

Cutesy commissions

Having a wonderful time sketching from THE cutest toddler photos ever!

My Nephew and Niece who are having a baby in October, wanted a special portrait for the baby’s nursery.  Inspiration has never been easier with the photos they’ve supplied !  I’ve started a few initial pencil sketches, and I’ll be painting it onto a canvas eventually.   I’d really like to put them both into the one painting … along with some very cute extra’s….!

I hope it all comes together as perfect as I have envisaged the final piece in my minds eye!  How adorable outta 10 are these baby photos below!! <3 <3

commissions for a nursery


Celebrities as neoclassics

Celebrities as neoclassics

Let’s face it, everyone has a favourite celeb, who to them is just their hero of all time.  Well a VERY clever artist has gone ahead and created a neoclassic styled image of  some the true greats, turning them into a heroic styled images.  (I’m sure they love it also!)

Steve Payne is the name behind these images, going by the artist name of “ReplaceFace” –  and by using the images of Russian Generals (originally painted by George Dawe during the period of Napoleons invasion) he has very cleverly  replaced these General’s faces/heads with some choice celebrity faces… the results are quite beautiful.

Check his work out at: http://replaceface.tumblr.com/ – where you can also buy them as a print or even an iphone cover at Society6.

Anyhow, here are just a few of my own personal  favourites that I’ve grabbed from his site, so please check his site for loads more.

I’ve also added a few of my own Photoshop alterations for fun.  These are just a smattering of what I’ve done myself over the years, (no where as good as his, der!) mainly for  friends who have well and truly deserved having their ‘mugs’ placed on some very obvious celeb bodies for fun.   Always gets a big laugh, and hey it’s a great way to polish up your Photoshop skillz! 😉