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Key to the Past

Key to the Past

So I have just had a lot of fun with my last unit at Uni.  It was Screen Production 101, and I was lucky enough to work with some great peeps along with learning how to operate in a TV Studio situation.  This included how to create a couple of short films and also do a little hosting number in our small TV Studio – complete with “green screen”.

Here is the first of my little short films we completed… and marks just back in… “high distinctions” for them all !! YAY!  So stoked!

TV Studio bit – Sandyland  – limited to 30 seconds or close to.

Key to the Past. – limited to 3 mins
The Synopsis
Sarah is late for an appointment. Nervous and excited she takes a deep breath, reminding herself that the key to her family history is just within her grasp. Sarah slows her car to a stop, the street is deserted and she is definitely lost. Her eyes search the empty street hoping to recognise a way back to the main road when the glint of something up ahead catches her eye. As she pulls up alongside, she is greeted by an odd little lemonade stand and its only inhabitant, a peculiar little girl. Sarah is soon to discover not only the way back to the highway, but a way back to her family’s past.

The last one was the group film we had to do.  Limit of 1 minute.
Soul Mates

The Tattooed Lady

The Tattooed Lady

Having some more fun with Photoshop.  I’ve always liked dabbling, but after seeing what that guy ReplaceFace has done, I thought I’d step it up a little.  I can see a complete series occuring and it all becoming quite addictive!!

Here’s the first one – myself as the Tattooed Lady – in a full swing “Carnie Folk” feel.  I couldnt quite get the angle of my face quite right, but hey… gotta start some where!

If you have any idea’s or images to add to – let me know and I’ll give it a go!

Tattooed Lady, Photoshopped
Myself as the Tattooed Lady

Coco’s Islands 2013

Coco’s Islands 2013

We recently went on a wonderful holiday to the Coco’s Islands.  I didn’t do an enormous amount of drawing, as I was too busy snorkling, riding a bike around the island…(and drinking Malibu and lemonades lol) This first doodle I created was on the plane trip over.

“Betsy Bigelow (came from the wrong side of the tracks) but could always be relied on to keep your secrets safe.” – This image may of been inspired by my reading “The Great Gatsby”- loving it so far!

Betsy Bigelow

What I did do whilst on the island was inspired from the ocean views across the road where we stayed, which was to die for.
“Ocean Madness”  I’m hoping to do a few more acrylic versions of something below that I can hang at home.

ocean madness

The next one I did, was as a thank you note, to the owners.  They graciously let us stay in their awesome home for the week for free.  We’re taking them out to a sumptious dinner tonight, but this will be greeting them as a little surprise when they go back in a week to their house.  Just the basic pencil sketch.  I was pretty chuffed that it came out looking a lot like them. 🙂

A small thank you note

This next image was created at around midnight on the flight home. We had spent an already very long time flying and as sleep was now not an option due to overtiredness –  so bashed this out to alleviate the boredom.

I was pretty pleased with how it came out, especially as I had no plan at all at what I was drawing! One of the stewardesses walking past commented on it, saying how much she loved it, blah blah….(I know she was probably just doing her job as the perfect hostie! hehe)

“Kaeyote Kat”
Kaeyote Kat

Here are a couple of images in and around Coco’s Islands.. which if you weren’t aware, are a very small group of islands, just near Indonesia, and next door to the Christmas Islands… both Australian territories.  We stayed at West Island, the main area where the aussies visit and live.  It is a truely wonderful place to go to get away from it all.  Our last visit to this island was about 23 years ago, and not very much had really altered.

cocos islands

Here’s some pictures of Direction Island… the most amazing place to go snorkling.
Direction Island - Cocos Islands


Take a Seat (Trannies Beach) @ Cocos
Take a seat

And a smattering of a few more images taken over there.  enjoy!!

The Early Years

The Early Years

I had to go through a bunch of old photos recently, as a close family member passed away.  I hadn’t looked at a lot of these old photos for so long, it was sad and yet happy to remember some really nice times with this person.

In doing so, I was transported back to an era of daggy fashions, innocent fun and simplistic good times.  You can see from these few shots, how my artwork today trys to incorporate a lot of the fun I had as a teen.  I think its the main component of my artwork and humour, and perhaps it’s my way of keeping my youthful ideals present in my life some place.  I hate getting old!

Home Open – Freo Arts Centre

Home Open – Freo Arts Centre

As I’m doing a course at the Fremantle Arts Centre currently, I had time to wander through the latest exhibition, which I must say I totally enjoyed.

Titled “Home Open” – it has on display well known Artists favourite collectibles and artworks from their own homes.  I captured a few of my fav’s.. but definitely get on down there if you can to check it out yourselves.  Make sure you go upstairs as well, some of the artists pieces up there were brilliant….. unfortunately my camera decided to be a reh-tard and quit taking photos.

HOME OPEN: Fremantle Artists and their Collections

Fremantle Arts Centre presents a special exhibition, which tells the story of Fremantle’s artists and their own personal collections.

WHERE: 1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle, Western Australia

FROM: 27 November 2010 – 21 January 2011

Featuring collections from :

Amanda McHenry, André Lipscombe, Annette Seeman and John Teschendorff, Brian McKay, Christine Gosfield, Evelyn Kotai and Giles Hohnen, Gisela Züchner-Mogall, Harry Hummerston, Holly Story, Jane Martin and George Haynes, Jánis Nedéla, Joss Gregson, Koral and Stripe, Max Pam, Megan Salmon, Michelle Sharpe and Jurek Wybraniec,

Nien Schwarz, Pam and Tony Jones, Paul Uhlmann, Penny Bovell, Perdita Phillips, Pippin Drysdale, Richard Gunning, Ruth and Trevor Vickers, Susanna Castleden and Bevan Honey, Tanya Schultz, Theo Koning, Therese Howard, Trevor Richards, and Twenty Eleven

Opening Night

Opening Night

Great night – here I am with the two that made it to the fancy round gallery room. I was pretty chuffed about that, as you can seeeee. 🙂
Opening Night

With the third painting, this was in the smaller of the two gallery areas. I had some great feedback to this painting also.

The exhibition closes today… next year I hope to get my act together alot quicker.. instead of leaving everything till the last minute! (famous last words huh, lol)

NB: Big Blue and Australia Day Vibes both sold on the last day of the exhibition 🙂

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain

Leonard Knight created a very brightly coloured mountain named Salvation Mountain. It’s a crazy kaleidoscope of colour and weirdness, He’s been working on the mountain in southern California for decades apparently.

He lives full-time on site in a small cabin, mounted on the rear of a 1930’s Vintage Chevy two tonne truck (as you do) – which is also covered in biblical sayings in his rainbow style of colour and has been constructing and painting his mountainous message of salvation for the past 20 years.

The mountain itself has been constructed from straw, old tires and thousands of gallons of paint. It was created by Leonard to convey the message that “God Loves Everyone”.  It was once deemed a  toxic, environmental hazard and was to be removed, but the furore has died down and is now one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Imperial County, California… and could soon be known as a national treasure!

Salvation Mountain, is in the United States, near Slab City, a few miles east of Niland, California.

All I can really say is… “Only in America”… and I might have to visit it one day.

With thanks to hoveringdog photo’s. and Caveman 92223’s info on this.
Salvation Mountain, originally uploaded by hoveringdog.

Kiera Knightly + Annie Leibovitz + Wizard of Oz = Awesome

Kiera Knightly + Annie Leibovitz + Wizard of Oz = Awesome

The amazingly talented photographer, Annie Leibovitz produced a 20 page photo shoot (which you can find in Vogue’s December issue) starring Kiera Knightly, using the magical theme and ideas of the awesome 1939 classic movie “Wizard of Oz”. The results are to say the least quite breath-taking…. Take a look for more images here

You can view many of her images via Artsy here as well: https://www.artsy.net/artist/annie-leibovitz