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City of Cockburn Show Off 12

City of Cockburn Show Off 12

The recent City of Cockburn Show Off 12 exhibition opened on Friday 8 April and is in full swing until 17 April 2016.

With over 57 local City of Cockburn Artists involved, and 150 different images to view, it’s always a really interesting night to be involved with. It’s a great compilation of local talent here at the City of Cockburn.

As usual a very large crowd gathered for this annual event,  including myself and a few friends. We wandered around with beer and wine in hand, and were stunned by some of the amazing artworks on show.  From photography, sculptures, glassware, and paintings, it really is a broad spectrum of pieces on exhibit

Again I had 3 pictures involved, and I went with my tried and true style of ladies and one beach addition.  I’m stoked to say two have sold at the time of writing this post, which is always a nice feeling to sell one on the night!

Lots of wonderful art to be seen, with some very different pieces this year, instead of the normal landscape, flowers and abstracts.  (yay!)

WHERE:  Memorial Hall,

LOCATION:  Cnr of Carrington St & Rockingham Rds, Hamilton Hill,

WHEN:  Open until 17 April 2016

OPENING TIMES: 10am to 3pm Monday to Sunday.

Here’s some images from the night, and shots of my artworks in the event.

Complicated Thoughts – SOLD

This one sold on the night. Happy dance! #art #painting #perthartist #artwork #art #illustration #portrait

A photo posted by Sandy Gaskett (@violetanddarby) on

Rainbow Glare – Still for sale – $300

Hidden Beach – SOLD

Another one sold, yay! #art #painting #perthartist #exhibition #showoff12 #cityofcockburn #oceanart #waves

A photo posted by Sandy Gaskett (@violetanddarby) on

Great position of Rainbow Glare in the big sexy round room at Memorial Hall.

My Support Crew are awesome!

Finding your Zen

Finding your Zen

A strange calm always settles over me when I begin to draw or paint.  It’s not that I lead a super stressful life, but for some reason drawing and doodling, painting etc, just tends to settle my mind into a hypnotic and restful state.

Just as my appetite is whet when I think of certain foods, my mind almost salivates at the inkling of an idea to draw, and I am enticed into sitting down to place it down on to paper or canvas.

I think over time, I’ve been coming to realise where my true happiness lies as well in my art style, and this has helped in being confident (mostly!) at what I want to draw.  Of course as many Artists will know, being completely happy with what they produce can be a real demon to battle.  But for the most part of late, I’m happy, and even though I still need to improve in almost all facet’s, I still can sit back and feel relaxed and zen like in what I begin and finish.

For those who don’t draw or struggle with that zen feeling, I read a great article here giving 10  Tips to Finding Your Zen – hit it up for more info.

Latest drawings in pencil and a digital piece below.

Digi Spidey Boi

Digit spidey boy #digital #drawing #art #doodle #sketch #popart #lowbrow #illustration #igers #picoftheday #photooftheday #instaartist #graphic

Reluctant Beach Babe

Reluctant beach babe #art #beach #doodle #sketching #sketch #onesketchaday #journal #illustration #comic #cartoon #draw #artwork #inkdrawing #beachbabe

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde. I'm a bit chuffed with how her hands turned out. I suck majority and usually hide then at all costs. Today i can deal with this effort. =) #draw #artwork #doodle #sketching #ideas #pencildrawing #pencil #strawberryblonde #portrait #il

Halp…! My doodles are taking over!

Halp…! My doodles are taking over!

I love drawing.  Or should I say doodling.  It does seem more and more these days that the only time I do have for art is for sketchy, quick stuff.  I know that I should really spend more time,  but finding the time to devote to such endeavours is becoming hard to find.  Therefore most of the art I produce is quick – with no planning.

Is this a bad thing?… perhaps if I’m not careful, all my art will be a mish mash of doodley scribblings with not much substance to show for my talents.  I worry too that I’m not really progressing further with artist skills. In saying this though,  I had a look at some early stuff from 2009, and there does seem some improvement in my portrait creations.

At any rate, as I said, I really only create art/drawing/doodles because I enjoy it.  I’m not out to win any illustrative prizes or accolades.   So I guess I’ll just keep going the way I’m going – well maybe until I win Lotto and can spend all my day painting and drawing. 😉

Millions of zoodles!

Millions of zoodles!

It’s been a fun couple of weeks, we had Australia Day happen, and I felt inspired to create a very cute doodle of a Quokka... a small marsupial animal only found on an island just off our coast.  They are the cutest and happiest creatures on earth!

More doodles and sketches at my other website or instagram account @violetanddarby  www.violetanddarby.com.au

Dr Sketchy fun – Miss Gail Force!

Dr Sketchy fun – Miss Gail Force!

Recently went to another Dr Sketchy night, which was held in conjunction with the latest Perth Fringe Festival I was very lucky to have Miss Gail Force as our model. She was dressed up in her Mermaid outfit, and even did some amazing performances with about 300 hula hoops!!! Yep, you read right! She can also do the most amazing acrobatic moves with them, all hula-ing and balancing them !!

She then posed for a series of 2 minute, 5 minute and 20 minute poses. The lovely Dimity Magnus threw into the mix that she’d like to see us incorporate some kind of sea monster or effect.

At the end of the show, one of my paintings was selected as her favourite, which I gladly let her take home.

Great night! I love Dr Sketchy nights!




Art class – realism

Art class – realism

So decided it was time to head back to the Fremantle Arts Centre, and do an interesting art course.   So with the company of a good friend, we go once a week for the next month or so, to attempt to be taught how to paint realistic styled paintings in OILS!  YES oils!!  I’m going to be giving it a go, and the first week, I wasn’t quite prepared for this medium so completed my first painting in acrylics… which as you can see didn’t turn out too badly.

My keys.


car keys



Here is the following weeks work.. where we need to paint a small item in a gridded up area.. our first victim, a simple chicken egg!

This time I went with Oils, and had tonnes of fun re-familiarising myself with the medium!




Voodoo Vacuum

Voodoo Vacuum
The Voodoo Vacuum
The Voodoo Vacuum

So I’m getting closer to finishing this one.. just a little more to do that will I hope make it really pop.

This will be exhibited and for sale in the coming Cockburn Show Off art exhibit in May 2015.

I’ve also started getting more into gouache, which gives this really great opaque feeling, bright colours all the way too!