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Trudy the space explorer 

Trudy the space explorer 

She’s going where no woman has been before! 

Don’t you wish you could just jump in your space ship and travel to an interesting  planet.

Imagine that,  Instagrams of the latest delicacies of Neptune,  Mars, and Uranus!? 😁 .   Maybe one of these days in the future huh! (like about a zillion !)

Meanwhile we watch on as Trudy checks out a new planet in the Delta quadrant.  (yep I’m a star trek nerd!) 

Trudy the space explorer
Trudy the space explorer

Bluff – Quobba Station Trip

Bluff – Quobba Station Trip

Another amazing holiday, spent up North of Perth.  Warm weather, amazing snorkelling and fishing, and the scenery … so beautiful.  Pity there wasn’t any surf… but I guess you can’t have it all!

Here’s the art and a few snippets of the place we stayed at.

Lily #munsters #pencil #yvonnedecarlo #sketch #doodle #drawing #doodlersanonymous #artwork

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Carry on being Fab #drawing #illustration #lowbrow #journal #pencil #portrait #artwork #doodle #sketching #ideas #fab

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I’ll be BACH!

I’ll be BACH!

Just a fun commission I did recently..!  When someone at work asked me to paint/draw T2, I was like, HUH??!! Especially as it was a girlfriend… -weird loOk- !

But to be honest, I had tonnes of fun painting this and surprisingly enough, found painting Arnie quite easy!  I’m a huge Arnie fan, so I guess all those hours of watching his many movies have finally paid off! – Hasta La Vista BEH BEH!!


el exhibition-oh, el kitty cat-oh!

el exhibition-oh, el kitty cat-oh!

Well  firstly – Happy New Year all!!!  Boy, time sure is creeping on, or really flying past I should say!

Christmas and New years was very relaxing, with a trip to Tasmania to see relatives for Christmas, along with a driving holiday, whereby we drove all over the island, visiting every place you could think of !  It really is an insanely pretty State, with gorgeous food and all so cheap!  We also did some side visits to Melbourne and Sydney, where by I shopped like a crazy woman.  We  finished off our holiday in Sydney with a party in New Year’s Eve,.  We were so very lucky to have the best seats in the house, watching the  amazing fireworks display in Sydney.  We had sweeping views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera house and the entire harbour, with glasses of  some very nice Dom Perignon, vintage 2002 champagne.  We were very spoilt!  If only we could live like that every day!!

But alas, back into the every day grind of things now. =(

I do have some exciting news though, and that is that Gasbombgirl will be having her FIRST ever SOLO Exhibition this coming March 2012!!  I’m super duper excited and have been busy preparing pieces, old and new for the exhibit!

I managed to purchase some awesomely funky frames the other day too, that will just be such a great treat with some of my  artworks!

There was also the added bonus of them being on sale, so I bought up big!

Meanwhile though, I’ve also been filling up my little World Sketchbook project journal, and will be posting it back any day now.  I’ll be sad to see it leave the shores of my home town.. perhaps one day I’ll be able to visit him again… if I ever get to the Brooklyn Library where it’ll be permanently housed. (when not on the world tour that is)

Here’s a fun little entry I finished yesterday.  It’s also a bit of a sneak show of something I’ll be submitting in the exhibition this year too.

Oh and here’s some details on where the touring dates and places are!

Brooklyn, NY
April 14th-30th
Brooklyn Art Library
103A N. 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Chicago, IL
May 3rd-5th
Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S. Cornell Avenue
Chicago, IL 60615

Portland, OR
May 11th-13th
The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel
1022 SW Stark St
Portland, OR

Vancouver, Canada
May 15th-16th
W2 Media Cafe
111 W Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC

Los Angeles, CA
May 24th-26th
2147 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA
June 2nd-June 23rd
Pop-Up Shop

Greater Boston Area
July 6th-8th
25 Exchange Street
Lynn, MA

Portland, ME
July 11th-14th
SPACE Gallery
538 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101

Toronto, Canada
July 18th-22nd
The Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen St. W
Toronto, ON

Philadelphia, PA
Aug 23rd-25th
The Painted Bride
co-presented with InLiquid
230 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Atlanta, GA
Aug 29th – Sept 1st
MASS Collective
364 Nelson St. SW
Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX
September 8th-16th
Co-Lab Project Space
613 Allen St.
Austin, TX

Melbourne, Australia*
November 10th-25th
NGV Studio
Federation Square
Russell & Flinders Sts

London, England*

*As of now, the London and Melbourne exhibitions will be limited to books from their respective continents. All other tour dates will include every single book submitted to this year’s project.

Dates and locations subject to change.
Further details here:

Chinese Spike doll no 1

Chinese Spike doll no 1

What a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon.   Not doing much other than sitting around drinking cups of tea/coffee, chatting and eating yummy home made cookies.  It ended with some extra work on a fun little drawing/painting.  I started this a few nights ago..  I did see a weird doll that gave me idea’s to create the inital spikey doll… it ended up quite different from the original though.. and I’m pleased with the results.

Mind you, you can see I’m watching way too many horror movies of late!    Really loving “The Walking Dead” a groovy zombie apocalyptic world – where you are always looking over your shoulder for groups of zombies running after you to eatcha up!  (eeek and yay!)  And also the American Horror Story, which is even creepier….a dysfunctional family moves into a murder riddled house, with it’s dead ghostly AND mischievious occupants, having alot of fun tormenting their new owners.  Ahh it’s all good fun really right?!

painting layout

Chinese Spike Doll Card no 1.

The creepy effects and frame on this was created with Lo-Fi – a very funky little program I’ve been having fun with too.


Sketchbook Project 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012


I’ve been rather naughty and leaving this all to the last minute.  It needs to be returned and postmarked by January 31, 2012  – all the way over in New York!  And I havent done really much at all… tisk tisk!  (I did receive the book way back in April!)  The theme I’ve chosen for my book is “Fill me with Stories”.

So every spare moment now I’m drawing into this journal.  I guess I should of kept loads of time free for this, putting some really good pieces down, but it might be a bit of a rush now.

Here’s today’s effort and a couple of others……  *cracks knuckles* – better get moving on it fast though!!

To check out more details about this project, visit HERE

Check out more of my sketchbook images by visiting my on going digital Library HERE – http://www.arthousecoop.com/users/gasbombgirl

Chloe Sevigny inspired image:


Fenec Fox and me as a child

A favourite saying one of my sisters would tell me when I was giving her the shits! lol