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Chinese Spike doll no 1

What a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon.   Not doing much other than sitting around drinking cups of tea/coffee, chatting and eating yummy home made cookies.  It ended with some extra work on a fun little drawing/painting.  I started this a few nights ago..  I did see a weird doll that gave me idea’s to create the inital spikey doll… it ended up quite different from the original though.. and I’m pleased with the results.

Mind you, you can see I’m watching way too many horror movies of late!    Really loving “The Walking Dead” a groovy zombie apocalyptic world – where you are always looking over your shoulder for groups of zombies running after you to eatcha up!  (eeek and yay!)  And also the American Horror Story, which is even creepier….a dysfunctional family moves into a murder riddled house, with it’s dead ghostly AND mischievious occupants, having alot of fun tormenting their new owners.  Ahh it’s all good fun really right?!

painting layout

Chinese Spike Doll Card no 1.

The creepy effects and frame on this was created with Lo-Fi – a very funky little program I’ve been having fun with too.