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Come on!

Bored at work, I decided to doodle/ draw something… well it was quiet and nearly 5pm. I love the photograph/portrait that inspired this. Very cute photo, please take a look from the link www.flickr.com/photos/fittheframe/3986830129/in/photostream/

Come on!

So I’ve really just been doodling lately.. and I have this huge canvas sitting in the studio just begging for me to attack. I wanted to make something fun and colourful for above our bed. At the moment there is a Bali illustration/drawing that was meant to be a tablecloth or something. And I’m really sick of the faded piece. But all I can seem to muster the strength up for though lately is drawing in the visual diary… probably what I should do is doodle up a design for this painting.. that might get me inspired….! ¬†Hmmm yes, that’s it… I shall make that my next mission!

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