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So you’re thinking of ordering a commission? Great! The info below will help you out!

When requesting a commission it can be really helpful to supply a basic colour palette and perhaps an idea of what type of design style you’re looking for.

Suggestions from my previous works are always helpful as well. (Please note I will not copy another artists artwork)

Gas Galaxies - Commission

If possible an image of what you are hoping me to create is also a great way to confirm the direction you would like to me to go when creating your special piece. One image that is clear, bright and easy to review should be plenty.

I will of course embellish my own style into the artwork, so you should be open to my own “artistic style” when organising a certain styled piece.

As a small example I will supply you with a quick design sketch, so you can see what my plan is to create for you, and I’ll get you to approve beforehand before I begin working on your piece.  

Once the quote and details are secured, I ask for a 50% deposit via direct debit or via my PayPal account, with the rest as acceptance you are happy with the piece.  Whilst I will always strive to produce something you are happy with, any major changes to the piece will incur further recalculation to the final costs.  Once the last payment for the artwork has been paid, your artwork will be shipped to you.

Photographs as I create can be sent at different stages, just so you can be apart of the process and see its development, plus I love to hear your feedback along the way, with the separate stages of its creation.


large 61 x 152.5cm $500
mid range 20 x 20cm $350
semi mini’s 8 x 8cm $70
mini’s 5 x 5cm $50


Calculated per piece. To bring shipping costs down for international clients, I can take the canvas off the frame and send in a postal tube. This means you will need to organise the piece for stretching when receiving.


To start the commission process off, I’ll require a 50% deposit, with the rest of the payment sent through on completion and before I send to you. I use PayPal for the safe guard of both myself and clients 🙂

Contact: INFO@gasbombgirl.com