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Don’t Panic

So I’m in the process of creating some pretty awesome pieces at the moment.  Everything seem’s to be rolling in faster than I can complete!  Here’s a list of what I need to complete.

  1. One is for the Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty – the subject is right up my alley, (Sci-Fi – retro futuristic – click the Swancon link to read more) with an abundance of cool and interesting idea’s already pimping my journals ready to place down onto canvas!  It will be held  between 21-25 April 2011 at the lovely Hyatt Hotel, Adelaide Tce, Perth.   I’ve been asked to create anything from 3 to 5 pieces.
  2. Commission for client – who loves my beach scenes and abstract shell set – that I did a few years ago.
  3. Book commission of the main characters.  This one has been harder than I thought.  Should be finished in a couple of weeks though.  The sketches I’ve created look pretty awesome so far.
  4. Festive Season styled banners – these will be flying along a major roadway in Perth, the size?… 1500 x 2875!!…. cool huh!! AND I’ve just been informed that I have only 2 weeks to complete it. That wouldn’t be a problem, but I go away to Queensland for a week’s holiday next weekend!  Golly gosh fatcat!  I’m going to have to push this one to the forefront and get it completed by this Friday!  They need to be ready to hang by 3rd December and the printers take 2 weeks to organise!! Argh!
  5. Artzplace Exhibition – I’ve submitted 5 pieces into this event.  One is Rooftop gatheringnew (Rooftop Gathering) and the other 4 are some of  my past works.  I just need to finish the hanging/wiring up of these and deliver and I’m done.   This Exhibition will be held in the very cool,  Round Room  – Memorial Hall,  between 13th – 21st November 2010

So it looks as if I better get my arse in gear for this banner one..  It’s thrown a real spanner in the works.  Wish me luck, I think I’m gonna need it.