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Dr Sketchy fun – Miss Gail Force!

Recently went to another Dr Sketchy night, which was held in conjunction with the latest Perth Fringe Festival I was very lucky to have Miss Gail Force as our model. She was dressed up in her Mermaid outfit, and even did some amazing performances with about 300 hula hoops!!! Yep, you read right! She can also do the most amazing acrobatic moves with them, all hula-ing and balancing them !!

She then posed for a series of 2 minute, 5 minute and 20 minute poses. The lovely Dimity Magnus threw into the mix that she’d like to see us incorporate some kind of sea monster or effect.

At the end of the show, one of my paintings was selected as her favourite, which I gladly let her take home.

Great night! I love Dr Sketchy nights!