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Fancy pants, Big Nogg’n

I bought some new sexy ink pens! Faber-Castell, 8PITT artist pen MANGA Set. That’s the official name anyhow. Basically they’re all slightly different gradients of grey’s. So I had a little play with them whilst watching some bad TV… using one of my favourite 50’s photo books to use as a basis to sketch from.

And I know I should be filling out my moleskin pages on the days I’m drawing, but I have too many vacant pages damnit! So I’m just filling them up when I get the urge to draw! This guys head mutated slightly… but I was drawing in a dull lit room whilst watching TV. =)

You can tell I’m just not in the mood to sit and do long arduous sketches lately. I suppose I’m being lazy, but surely this will help my drawing skills in some manner? Or perhaps I’m just making excuses, to bad so sad.

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Fancy pants, Big Nogg’n, originally uploaded by Sandymichelle.