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Fields of Solace and coming exhibitions

The subject of our teachings this week, was on the famous artist Mark Rothko.  (Think rectangles people!)

You wouldn’t really think so though, looking at what I painted.  Maybe next week I’ll tackle an abstract piece.  Although there are aspects of abstractedness in this one…(?).. if you look really up close!

Also news in that I’ll be exhibiting soon.  One is a the local Artzplace community group.  I’ll be placing the pieces that were in the Swancon show, and one from the City of Cockburn’s last Show Off exhibition as well.  Pity this one can’t be included… it looks pretty good in the flesh.

There’s also an upcoming exhibit at Little Creatures, called Bestiola’s.  That should be fun.  Apparently “Bestiola” means – little creature, so that’s clever!  I feel an evil mutating creature featured style painting/drawing lurking to be created!  Watch out for this one, it will be an exciting event, with some wonderful West Aussie artists getting involved!

Fields of Solace