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Finding my creative Zen

I came across a very interesting blog called Personified.com – and the chap who runs this blog was experimenting with the idea that the right side of our brain (the creative side) needs a bit of a warm up, to help us to really tap into our “creative zen”.

It’s all about getting our “lazy right side” of the brain into action, without the left side of our brains poking their nose in to control things. It’s mostly an example at freeing up your creative flow for writing, but I’m sure it would work also for drawing as well.

He suggests just opening up a word document and spewing forth a banter of writings, without any need for it to make sense… to have it all going crazy. Just open up your mind and spill/type… do this for about 15 minutes, letting your brain just have a ball thinking up whatever it likes….

Quote the personified blog:

“Remember, your right brain is the hub of creative thought, so if that side of your brain is controlling the writing, you’ll know because you won’t really be able to perseverate on one aspect of your central topic for too long. In fact, you probably won’t even have a central topic.

Your right brain tends to see the entire picture at once, and as a result, it cannot extrapolate minor details in an orderly fashion. If your writing comes out looking pretty refined and cogent, then that’s a good indicator that your left brain is trying to stick its nose where it doesn’t belong.

The bottom line is that your goal is simply to unleash the creative chaos in the right brain, temporarily freeing it from the suffocating bully that is your left brain.”

I would suggest visiting his blog for further insights into this process (stream-of-consciousness writing).

I’m certainly going to start trying this out once a day, but with drawing of course into my visual diary… some of the results will probably be quite ugly, but I’m sure it will also be quite freeing as well! (i hope!)

Here’s what my brain regurgitated today…