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Future Imperfect Exhibition

What a great night. Lots of people at the event, with Mr Eric Ripper, leader of the opposition opening it all. I was introduced to him later on in the evening and he was very nice, we chatted about the art pieces and how his wife is infact a painter too. She likes to paint abstracts, which was cool to hear.

I had some wonderful feed back on the pieces and met some very enthused cool people too, which is always a bonus. Sadly though, there were no aliens or trekkies, but apparently that’ll be happening at the Masquarade Ball on Saturday night lol. I did see K9 the dog the next day though! Which was funny as lol.. he moved around and everything!

A big thanks to my buddies who came along to the opening and hung out, drank some champa’s and generally supported my efforts for the evening. You rock guysss! \m/ All in all I had a wonderful time… Lux-o-bot has already sold too. Woohoo!

You can still go on down and check that out, and the whole Science Fiction convention… there are lots of stalls and exhibits of sci-fi books, gadgets, jewellery and other cool things as well.

Opened all of the Easter weekend at the Hyatt, in Perth.