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Getting Inspiration

This Saturday class has been an interesting and thought provoking way of looking at how I paint and visualise images.  I have always liked concentrating in on patterns of the every day world, so I’ve quite enjoyed trying on different ways to reflect that in my paintings and illustrations.

As we listened to our teacher talk on how we often miss many things around us.. not truly seeing the many wonderful colours and patterns hidden in every day life, I glanced out the window and noticed the awesome colours and patterns in the awnings of the Fremantle Buffalo Club.  After that, I’ve been taking lots of photo’s to get myself inspired and ready for some new paintings to start this week.

Take a look – I hope to post something painted up soon brought out by the below.


Oh none of the submissions I made in the “The Love is here Project” were voted through to be in the final book selections. =(

I guess Ireally  shouldn’t be   surprised  … and I must learn not to be so easily disheartened… silly girl.