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Dockers have the best chance tonight of going through to an AFL Grand Final!  WOohoOO!!

It’ll be the first time they’ve ever gotten so far, so I’m really hoping they kick Sydney’s butt – and we get play in our first Grand Final !!  It’s amazing that the game this Finals is being played here in Perth, which is making it even more exciting!!  Perth and Freo are going crazy for them to succeed!

Lets hope the boys win tonight and we’re in the first ever Grand final next week in Melbourne! C’arn FREO… YOU CAN DOOO EEEEET !!!

Here’s some fun things I Photo shopped up into a Dockers meme/theme to get into the spirit of things.   CAR’N FREMANTLE!!!!

(We won and we’re playing tomorrow! yeeahharrr!

Fremantle Dockers
Fremantle Dockers
Dockers - c'mon!
Lets go Freo lets go!