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i am Kate!

Where I work there is a lovely and very beautiful girl called Kate.  She has embarked on a bit of a modelling carreer and I just love her look.  I did a painting of her awhile ago which she loved… and she asked me to do another.  Soooo here it is.  I think I’ll go put it on her desk this morning as a little surprise… she has no idea (yet) that I did this last night.  Hope she likes it, because I’m pretty wrapped at how it came out!

I forced myself to draw this in ink from the beginning, so I would have to make fairly accurate lines and not make any too big a mistake.  Seems to have worked out okay I think. Then as I kept working on it, for some reason… the idea of incorporating one of my favourite and iconic TV shows into it also slipped into my mind.  “Twin Peaks”.

i am Kate