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Illustration Friday – Canned

I’ll take a dozen thanks!

If Only they could sell “Sex in a Can” – Shopping would be so much more fun!




  1. avatar jd wrote:


  2. avatar INDIGENE wrote:

    Love the colors and textures!www.indigeneartforms.blogspot.com

  3. avatar Cartoon Me wrote:

    Oh I KNOW! I’d buy sex in a can if I could look like her in the end. Great job!

  4. avatar sketched out wrote:

    Hee heee! Cute idea, very original. Great job!

  5. avatar Katie wrote:

    That can makes a great hat for the sex goddess in the can. Great illustration. Great drawing and shadowing.

  6. avatar sandymichelle wrote:

    ty for the feedback all, I really had fun painting/drawing this one!

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