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Illustration Friday – Detach

Everyone weekend I take to the field and play Hockey! I love the game!
Sadly though, this years’ season I’ve had quite a bit of bad luck, with injuries. Specifically my right ankle.

So far I’ve spent a month off after I rolled it so badly, it bruised half way up my shin. Then coming back all fired up – but I copped a heavy whack into the very same ankle, by a hockey ball hit at a tremendous speed, at close range – not 30 seconds into the game. GRR!

YEP! What I wouldn’t give to be able to detach that injured ankle, joint or foot and replace it with a brand new one!

I shouldn’t of, but I did play Saturday just gone, as the team would of been short players, and I did my best to half limp/run…. it was an important game, we needed to secure our place in the top four, to continue onto hopefully a Grand Final in coming weeks.

I can happily say we won (2 – 1) and I’m just praying my ankle heals up super fast, this next week, so I can keep playing to the end of season and come home with a medal in my hand!


  1. avatar Bella Sinclair wrote:

    Ouch! What a great drawing! I hope you get better soon, and I hope you bring back that medal.Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog.

  2. avatar notmassproduced wrote:

    hi – thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE your illustations. They are fab. And the view from your house is to die for and I’ve never seen a kookaburra before so now i know what they look like and i hope ur leg gets better and u win the hockey!

  3. avatar Ellen wrote:

    I love this!! The blonde woman is wonderful! Wish we could all buy new parts as needed. 🙂

  4. avatar Katie wrote:

    If your ankle goes bad, it looks like you’ll be able to be an artist instead. Love the illustration. Very humorous take on the topic, and the current status with your ankle.

  5. avatar Michael wrote:

    Thanks for visiting!That stinks about your ankle. At least you injured it doing something active. I’d probably roll it that bad getting out of bed…I dig the drawing. Nice work!

  6. avatar Distressing Delilah wrote:

    Great IF…I like how it relates to you at the moment. I hope you mend quickly..I am a runner, and know how hard it is when you can’t do what you love!

  7. avatar Dot wrote:

    like this! so bizarrely cool. I need a lucky foot.

  8. avatar Jill wrote:

    ouch! i can almost feel the pain. cool illo. speedy recovery and i hope you win the medal. thanks for visiting my blog

  9. avatar sandymichelle wrote:

    wow thanks everyone, you’re all so kind… I’ll be sure to post what happens to the team.. thanks again for the comments 🙂

  10. avatar Solvere volo wrote:

    Get well soon! Painful but great illo!

  11. avatar EFT wrote:

    Do you think that company does knees as well? Mine doesn’t do so well going down stairs …Nice take on the IF theme too. I like your style 🙂

  12. avatar Bee wrote:

    Great idea, detachable body parts! Fun sketch, nicely done 🙂

  13. avatar Connie wrote:

    Great drawing and that’s exactly what I thought hockey was invented for! It was also the last sport we did outside when the ground was already frozen, so falling over also hurt like mad. Cool.

  14. avatar Honor Bowden wrote:

    Thanks for the laugh (at your drawing that is, not your injury) You are brave to play hockey… glad you won!

  15. avatar nina seven wrote:

    what a great idea! detachable limbs! thanks for your comment on mine, i really appreciate it!

  16. avatar sandymichelle wrote:

    thanks everyone! eft, i hope they do knees, I'd love a knew one of those too! Mine crunch like they have gravel in there! >.<

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