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Illustration Friday – Legendary

I chose to do a portrait from a photograph of my late sister Ann at age 5 years. She passed away in May 2002 from Motor Neuron Disease. She suffered with this horrible disease for 9 months. 

She will always be a legend in my mind… We all miss you Ann.

I thought I’d add the photo I used to sketch her from, as it’s always been a favourite.  I’ve also decided to do some more portraits of my family members – I’m No 6 of 6 infact.  So I’m gonna have my work cut out for me! 🙂


  1. avatar Coreopsis wrote:

    This is a beautiful drawing. It’s a real tribute. I’m sorry about your loss.

  2. avatar life without novacaine wrote:

    Lovely drawing. Her smile is really in her eyes. Very nice job.I am sorry about her passing. I have a cousin at the moment in the throws of ALS. It is really awful.This is a really nice way to honor the legend of your sister!

  3. avatar Indigene wrote:

    Beautiful tribute and she had lovely eyes! A true legend!

  4. avatar joseph's art and stuff wrote:

    beautiful illustration and tribute to your sister!

  5. avatar sandy wrote:

    Thank you everyone for your comments, I wish I could do the real photo justice.. She was a wonderful person and sister. =)

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