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Illustration Friday – Pretend


  1. avatar Katie wrote:

    I love this illustration. Nicely done. I wish women would just be natural myself, and I wish men wouldn’t oogle other women who do making those who don’t wish we did. You know?

  2. avatar Candace Trew Camling wrote:

    yeah…I can’t wait to see all these women with creepy silicone saggy boobs in like 50 years…It just isn’t going to look right…But then again, they don’t even look right when they are new!Nice illustration.

  3. avatar sandymichelle wrote:

    There’s no pleasing the world, men or women.. We always want what we can’t have. Natrually big breasted gf’s of mine, always complain and wish they had a more “athletic” size like myself.. and I complain I’d like bigger ones!

  4. avatar INDIGENE wrote:

    Interesting idea and a sad commentary on what some women will do.http://indigeneartforms.blogspot.com

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