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illustration Friday – Time

Mildred knew it was well and truly time to start exercising again. She had let her once svelte body meld into something she could only liken to one of the figures her grand daughter had shaped with plasticine.


  1. avatar Matthew Smith wrote:

    haha…great drawing! well done!!

  2. avatar Peter Breese wrote:

    Hilarious, nice description.

  3. avatar Coreopsis wrote:

    I had to laugh. It really didn’t even need the description. The fact that she appears to be stretching, with the body she has (too real!) says everything we need to know.Great drawing!

  4. avatar sandymichelle wrote:

    hehe thanks all, glad you enjoyed her and it made you smile =)

  5. avatar Indigene wrote:

    Hmmm…I can truly relate to Mildred! lol! Great contrast and shading!

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