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Key to the Past

So I have just had a lot of fun with my last unit at Uni.  It was Screen Production 101, and I was lucky enough to work with some great peeps along with learning how to operate in a TV Studio situation.  This included how to create a couple of short films and also do a little hosting number in our small TV Studio – complete with “green screen”.

Here is the first of my little short films we completed… and marks just back in… “high distinctions” for them all !! YAY!  So stoked!

TV Studio bit – Sandyland  – limited to 30 seconds or close to.

Key to the Past. – limited to 3 mins
The Synopsis
Sarah is late for an appointment. Nervous and excited she takes a deep breath, reminding herself that the key to her family history is just within her grasp. Sarah slows her car to a stop, the street is deserted and she is definitely lost. Her eyes search the empty street hoping to recognise a way back to the main road when the glint of something up ahead catches her eye. As she pulls up alongside, she is greeted by an odd little lemonade stand and its only inhabitant, a peculiar little girl. Sarah is soon to discover not only the way back to the highway, but a way back to her family’s past.

The last one was the group film we had to do.  Limit of 1 minute.
Soul Mates