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Lollypop steriods in Skull Land

Something whacky today.. nothing planned, love when it comes together, think I’ll pursue this theme again!

Lollypop steriods in Skull Land


  1. avatar lida wrote:

    oghello my friend how r you ?thanx for your lovely comment keep in touchi love love love your drawing too

  2. avatar Diana Evans wrote:

    I love it…neat that you did it in reds, shades of grey and black!!!thanks for popping by…nice to meet you!!!

  3. avatar thetinylittlegirl wrote:

    yay for skulls! you know how much i love them ;-)love the red and black colour scheme too!

  4. avatar sandymichelle wrote:

    thanks all! thetinylittlegirl: Glad you liked! as you know you did inspire this piece…. after browsing your delicious skullys 😉

  5. avatar kim wrote:

    Two things I would have never thought of putting together. Somehow, it works surprisingly well.

  6. avatar ratsliveon wrote:

    So cool XD

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