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Mab graves draftmatic pencils &  yupo notepad

I’ve just received my order from the most amazing artist,  Mab Graves.  

Nope,  it’s  not artworks but mechanical pencils,  draft/matic pencils,  along with a lovely yupo notepad of paper.  And it’s all soooo niceee! 

cute sticker stamps,  because it’s so pretty,  der! 

Already been using the pencils and they’re bloody brilliant!

If you’re into using pencil,  then hurry up and buy! The yupo paper I’m still to get my head around.  Feels quite silky and luxurious though.  I’ve heard it takes a bit getting used to though,  gulp! 

Ok update,  the paper is super cool! Easy to use,  very different to drawing on normal paper.  Love it,  it’s very forgiving,  and i imagine pencils love it too if they could speak! 

Visit  mabgraves.Com to see her work. You won’t be disappointed,  especially if you love  baby dinosaurs,  cute little animals,  children,  each and every one with adorably  odd and strange personalities.