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Mind Stretch

I’ve been doing loads of drawing and doodling,  anything and everything that comes to mind. Stretching out my mind, as if doing a calf stretch before a big run. With preparations for a few up and coming exhibitions and arty involvements, it certainly turns up the heat in your brain for idea’s.

I’m excited for this coming Feast Your eyes 3 festival, being held on 15 October at the Freo Arts Centre.  I’m going to be one of the artists preparing something on the night… which is totally nerve racking to say the least!   The theme for the entire event is “City Spaces”.  I never draw buildings or anything along the lines of this theme, so it’s scary and yet invigorating having to push my creative side to an area I’m not used to dwelling on.

Sooo, drawing, painting, doodling all sorts of things at the moment.