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Moonrise Kingdom!!! (oh and doodles)

Well my good friends… I have discovered another gem of a movie, and of course it is by one of my all time favourite directors – “Wes Anderson“.  I love the way this man’s mind works… it is yummy and all kinds of delicious!  Watch the trailer below.

And of course hot on it’s tail is another one of Wes’s movies, called “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.


Go get them out, they are wonderful !

Cool, so!….. here are some more doodles and sketches in this “One Sketch a Day” Journal – which is very slowly being filled up.  Some days I do 3 sketches at once, and when I say sketches –  I really do use the term loosely… more like scribbles!

You can sometimes see where my inspirations are coming from – other times, I haven’t a clue either!!