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Oh What a Night!

The exhibition opening went so well, with about 80 to 90 people visiting, it was packed to the rafters!

5 paintings sold which was awesome.  The exhibition is open until the 20th May 2012, so get on down to Violet Pilot, 261 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle if you’d like to see what is on show.

One of the paintings (Dorothy) was bought on Monday by a lovely lady in Canberra who took her home with her, so have attached her here as well.

A huge thank you to Violet Pilot for hosting such a wonderful event, beautiful canapé’s and wine’s were the order of the night, it was just magical!  Of course an even bigger thank you to my amazing friends, family and fans who all came along.. you astounded me with your support and wonderful uplifting words of encouragement!

Here’s a few snaps from the evening!