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Show Off 5 Exhibition

Well, it opens this Friday.. and I’m really looking forward to it.  This will be my 3rd “Show Off” exhibit that I’ve been invited to.  There’s been some beautiful works hung at these events… with some really well reputed artists on show.  It’s going to be a mad rush to get to the opening in time, what with this SharePoint course I have on all this week.    I’ve been so spoiled with working close to home… I really hate catching the train with a million other people at 7:30am… and then home again at 5:30pm.   I’m trying to think of it as an adventure and a break up of my normal work habits….!  Still, I think I just like my 5 minute drive through no traffic, where I can start my day without all that added icky stress.

Anyhow here’s the images of the pieces I’m showing in the Exhibit.

Green Highway….
came out a ripper… if it doesnt sell, i’m looking forward to
putting on my wall above our piano… the walls are green too! 🙂

Green Highway - Show Off 5 Exhibition

Balkans Fortune Teller …

This doesn’t show the entire frame, it actually came out alot better than i anticipated.

Balkans Fortune Teller - Show Off 5 Exhibition

Cactus Dreaming…

I think he came out a treat in his matt white border and frame.

Cactus Dreaming - Show Off 5 Exhibition

The Invites are always so pretty!