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Show Off 7 Opens

Opened by his worship Mayor Logan Howlett to a crowd of about 200… a bit less than some of the other Show Off openings.  I blame the Royal Wedding, I know a few friends of mine wanted to stay home and watch that.  Personally I’d rather watch paint dry, although….. I was keen to see what her dress looked like.  (I still haven’t, lol)

At any rate it was a lovely night, the usual artists involved were there, plus about an extra 15 or so, in total 47 participated this year.  The Round room was packed this year with artworks.  My “Geisha” painting made it in there, so that was cool.

Details are:   Open from 29 April – 8 May with daily viewings from 10am to 3pm at Memorial Hall, Cnr Carrington & Rockingham Rds, Hamilton Hill

Here’s what  I have on show and for sale.  Hope you can drop by and check them all out. [portfolio_slideshow]