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Show Off Five – Open!

Well I got there in time, I couldnt believe it!  I had a gruelling SharePoint course on all week and there was no way I’d make it to the Exhibit opening by 6pm.  Although as I found out, it opened at 7pm and they had all the free drinks and food from 6.  I managed to arrive around 6:20 and all my mates beat me there of course.  Great night, stayed for a few hours and even met some lovely fellow artists.  Particularly, Ms Debbie Walker Tremlett… her paintings are so wonderful, photo realisim at it’s best.  She captures her subjects spirit and so much more.

Here is what she had at the exhibit.

There were also some other pieces that were just plain weird.  But I suppose there must be a broad range for all, as that old saying comes to mind “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Anyhow it is open all week, so I may pop up during the week to visit my lil paintings and see how they’re doing.  hehe  I must say I was given quite a nice position, so I was pleased with this also.


Paintings and I