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Sketchy sketchy for coming exhibition

I’m going to enter some pieces in the Little Creatures  RSPCA Exhibition.  All sales go to the RSPCA of course.  It will run for 6 weeks at the Little Creatures brewery, where I often love wandering around to check out what’s on show.

I’m not terribly sure if they want specifically “animal paintings/drawings”… but as I’ve been wanting to do some for a while,  figured may as well give it a go!  So I’ve asked a bunch of friends to send some me their fav photo’s of their pets and see what I can do.

Thinking of using these two for ideas…  I’ve started sketching the one of Harrison and Dougie… long way to go, but good practice me thinks.  Decided to colour it up with Photoshop for some variety.

Will keep you posted of how I fair.