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Holidays equals doodles!

Holidays equals doodles!

So I’ve had a few lovely escapes from the “Rat Race”, and when ever I go on road trips or generally just get away – the doodles ensue!

The October holiday was a long road trip to Uluru, (sometimes referred to as “Ayres Rock”).  It was a long 3 week driving journey right through the middle of Australia…. hot with a billion (no exaggeration) files… but amazing scenery.  Uluru is so amazing,  I was blown away by its majestic beauty and sheer magnitude.

I dropped some little pieces of art off into the places I stayed, so hopefully whoever found the pieces enjoyed the freebies.  Just little doodles though, nothing super amazing. hehe

I left the following two in different hotel rooms for whoever to find and the rest are just extra’s completed on the trip.

More later about my other trips along with photos of the sketching!

Another art drop at Hyden #hyden #waverock #artdrop #art #comic #pulp #pencil #portrait #artwork #doodle #drawing #sketch #onesketchaday #journal
These others are just general one’s created on the journey.


Lil Firestarter #doodle #sketching #sketch #onesketchaday #journal #pencil #portrait #illustration #comic #cartoon #draw #artworkTrixie loulou bell #art #drawing #doodles #sketch #onesketchaday #journal #illustration #lowbrow #journal #pencil #troublemaker
Devil chicky #art #onesketchaday #journal #illustration #comic #cartoon #draw #artwork #doodle #sketching #ideas #drawingWondering if I should colour this one in our not. #doodle #sketching #sketch #onesketchaday #journal #illustration #lowbrow #journal #pencil #art #drawing

Some amazing sights on our trip. I love road trips for just this kind of deal!

A #banksy in the Aussie outback. Slightly sceptical! #southaustralia #grafitti #afterhumans

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It’s better in real life #Uluru #australia #northernterritory #aryesrock

A photo posted by Sandy Gaskett (@violetanddarby) on

“ArtEx Exhibition 2012

“ArtEx Exhibition 2012


I’m quite excited to be involved in this year’s  East Fremantle Primary school’s seventh Biennial Art Exhibition – ArtEx.

I will be submitting 4 older works and one new one, especially created for the event. (image below)

In previous years, this has been a major fundraising event for the school and is a unique exhibition which showcases the artwork of the East Fremantle Primary School students in conjunction with emerging and established artists. It is a professionally run event which aims to benefit the  primary school and the West Australian arts community.

This year the exhibition is being held for the first time in the heritage spaces of  the Fremantle B-Shed, Victoria Quay.

The event is opening on 30th November 2012, and running until 2nd December 2012.

Here’s the new piece, titled “The Novel Writer”

You’ll also see these up on display too!

Still waters
Go Hard or Go Home


Down Town





New Year Wishes

New Year Wishes

New Year Wishes
Well the new year has started, and here is my first effort for the year. I’m hoping the next 12 month’s lends itself to a creative happy one! My resolution – if any, is to really let my artistic juices flow more. To quit over- thinking it and just do it!

At any rate, I do hope you all have a marvelous New Year and that you achieve all your hopes and dreams. xo

Mugshot Scribble

Mugshot Scribble

Mugshot, originally uploaded by GasBombGirl.

Well I’m at work, and it’s pretty slow today. Okay I could possibly find something to do, something very very boring… and this day is dragging on and ON…

So I thought I’d have a scribble. I am loving these photographs by Peter Doyle.. To view the photo’s which inspired this, visit

Rather glad it’s Friday… looking forward to a few bundy rums and a movie, relax and let it all hang out with the hubby. We’re apparently going to watch that latest Star Trek movie, the one where Kirk gets dragged into the Star Fleet kicking and screaming as a young man… I rather liked it, but i’m a big Treky fan 🙂

Anyhow.. hope you all have a good one !

Rebecca Von Shmoozle-Housen

Rebecca Von Shmoozle-Housen

The latest painting in the visual diary…

Rebecca Von Shmoozle-Housen was the wife of the dashing and handsome Mining magnate George Genxaiver.  He made his billions working hard in the silver mines of Monchent in Northern Western Australia.  He had been married 3 times previously, but found true love with Rebecca.  They met at the local Milk Bar in  the spring of 2003.  She was buying cat food for her hairless cat Bobby…he was buying cigarettes.

George bumped into her as he reached across the counter to pick out his favourite brand –  Bronzenton.  It was love at first site.  They are expecting their first child in March 2004.

Betty in colour

Betty in colour

Betty in colour, originally uploaded by GasBombGirl.

Well I painted up my Calendar girl Betty. I started out by using water colour pencils which I decided I didnt like, then begun using my water colour paints.. and it started getting a little murkey. Oh well, she sorta came out okay.. I think I prefer the simple pencil version to this end one though.

I’m happy with her hands, which I usually have trouble with… forcing myself to attempt fingers and hands more, in different ways, so i get past them looking like weirdy stumpy things. lol