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Doodles & Creepy Sexist TV Adverts!

Doodles & Creepy Sexist TV Adverts!

Just some more Samsung Tablet doodles.  I really should start these earlier in the evening, I’m up till all hours trying to finish them off before my eyelids cannot stay open any longer!

Below some creepy, sexist and fun old tv commercials that were shown here in Oz.

Titled : Oh Darlinggg!

Titled : Menagerie

Check out these old TV commercials that featured on Australian(and US) TV in the 60s, 80s & 90s.  Crack up!  So un-doable now, imagine the up roar if this next one went to air now!

Drongo’s Hero’s and Biscuits

Drongo’s Hero’s and Biscuits

I’m sure if you’re an aussie you’ll remember this guy – Cory Worthington… he seemed like as good as anyone to do a sketch of.

Cory Worthington #sketch #sketchbook #art #drawing #drongo #Bogan #pencilandink

Who is he? meh… watch this:

I’ve also just found out that Biscuit Magazine have done a small feature, showing some of my older artworks… check it all at –  biscuitmagazine.com.au to see what they wrote!

Now, my true inspiration this week was stumbling onto a Perth artists website called “Fieldey”   She describes her art as(quite accurately)  “Operating in the sweaty crease between surf, graffiti and tattoo art”.

She  shows herself painting a zombified Kurt Cobain over on YouTube and it’s just bloody amazing…. definitely watch this!  She’s so talented it makes me wish I had just an atom of her talent.  the sound track to this vid kicks arse too!

The Corner Room – exhibit

The Corner Room – exhibit

Well today was a doozy.  I’ve been suffering all week with “Laryngitis” – and I can tell you now, it’s no walk in the park!  I was unable to communicate at all, for the last four days, and attempting to talk was so exhausting, I’d just give up!  Luckily by Wednesday, the day I had to hang up a new installation of art, my voice had finally peeked it’s timid little self back through!

I met up with good friend and amazing artist/photography Cherry, at the cafe where my work is being hung and we worked solidly from 9:30am till 2:30pm!  It was a real slog and I have to thank her for her invaluable help…. that shit is hard work!

At any rate the pieces are up, and we ended our day with a lovely meal to boot.  The cafe is in South Terrace, South Fremantle, called “The Corner Room” –  one of the owners, Nick,  who incidentally used to run “Old Papa’s” in the heart of Fremantle, which in it’s hay day –  probably one of the most iconic and well known cafe’s,  found along the Cafe Strip in Freo.  Unfortunately it’s demise has been in place for sometime and it is sorely missed by anyone who enjoys a decent coffee, cake and some decent art or photography on show.  Luckily for us, Nick has this lovely restaurant/cafe in Freo now humming along nicely and it is definitely a treat to visit with friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

So, if you’re in the local area, please pop on down to the Corner Room and take a gander.  You’ll be doing your taste buds a huge favour and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the least!


“Down Town”

Oh What a Night!

Oh What a Night!

The exhibition opening went so well, with about 80 to 90 people visiting, it was packed to the rafters!

5 paintings sold which was awesome.  The exhibition is open until the 20th May 2012, so get on down to Violet Pilot, 261 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle if you’d like to see what is on show.

One of the paintings (Dorothy) was bought on Monday by a lovely lady in Canberra who took her home with her, so have attached her here as well.

A huge thank you to Violet Pilot for hosting such a wonderful event, beautiful canapé’s and wine’s were the order of the night, it was just magical!  Of course an even bigger thank you to my amazing friends, family and fans who all came along.. you astounded me with your support and wonderful uplifting words of encouragement!

Here’s a few snaps from the evening!



Sketchbook Project 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012


I’ve been rather naughty and leaving this all to the last minute.  It needs to be returned and postmarked by January 31, 2012  – all the way over in New York!  And I havent done really much at all… tisk tisk!  (I did receive the book way back in April!)  The theme I’ve chosen for my book is “Fill me with Stories”.

So every spare moment now I’m drawing into this journal.  I guess I should of kept loads of time free for this, putting some really good pieces down, but it might be a bit of a rush now.

Here’s today’s effort and a couple of others……  *cracks knuckles* – better get moving on it fast though!!

To check out more details about this project, visit HERE

Check out more of my sketchbook images by visiting my on going digital Library HERE – http://www.arthousecoop.com/users/gasbombgirl

Chloe Sevigny inspired image:


Fenec Fox and me as a child

A favourite saying one of my sisters would tell me when I was giving her the shits! lol



Mind Stretch

Mind Stretch

I’ve been doing loads of drawing and doodling,  anything and everything that comes to mind. Stretching out my mind, as if doing a calf stretch before a big run. With preparations for a few up and coming exhibitions and arty involvements, it certainly turns up the heat in your brain for idea’s.

I’m excited for this coming Feast Your eyes 3 festival, being held on 15 October at the Freo Arts Centre.  I’m going to be one of the artists preparing something on the night… which is totally nerve racking to say the least!   The theme for the entire event is “City Spaces”.  I never draw buildings or anything along the lines of this theme, so it’s scary and yet invigorating having to push my creative side to an area I’m not used to dwelling on.

Sooo, drawing, painting, doodling all sorts of things at the moment.

Kline styles and Reflections

Kline styles and Reflections

The Freedom School of Art started back in for another term this week.  We looked at the style of Kline’s paintings…. not my total cup of tea really.  But it was kind of interesting watching our teacher produce one in the style of Kline’s famous black and white pieces.

I couldn’t really bring myself to produce something along this style, so went with this instead.  I like it actually.. not sure if it’s finished yet… perhaps I will work into it a bit more.