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Paintings on display in Nov/Dec 2017

It is an exciting month ahead, with some new paintings going up at the Gypsy Tapas House restaurant in Fremantle!   Come on down from the 21st November to view, stop by and have a meal and enjoy the ambience.  It’s a fantastic spot for a good night out with friends, live music and fab tapas food!

I’ll have an abundance of paintings hanging there until 19th December about.

If you go in, let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

Meanwhile here’s a few images of what you’ll see!



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City of Cockburn Show Off 12

City of Cockburn Show Off 12

The recent City of Cockburn Show Off 12 exhibition opened on Friday 8 April and is in full swing until 17 April 2016.

With over 57 local City of Cockburn Artists involved, and 150 different images to view, it’s always a really interesting night to be involved with. It’s a great compilation of local talent here at the City of Cockburn.

As usual a very large crowd gathered for this annual event,  including myself and a few friends. We wandered around with beer and wine in hand, and were stunned by some of the amazing artworks on show.  From photography, sculptures, glassware, and paintings, it really is a broad spectrum of pieces on exhibit

Again I had 3 pictures involved, and I went with my tried and true style of ladies and one beach addition.  I’m stoked to say two have sold at the time of writing this post, which is always a nice feeling to sell one on the night!

Lots of wonderful art to be seen, with some very different pieces this year, instead of the normal landscape, flowers and abstracts.  (yay!)

WHERE:  Memorial Hall,

LOCATION:  Cnr of Carrington St & Rockingham Rds, Hamilton Hill,

WHEN:  Open until 17 April 2016

OPENING TIMES: 10am to 3pm Monday to Sunday.

Here’s some images from the night, and shots of my artworks in the event.

Complicated Thoughts – SOLD

This one sold on the night. Happy dance! #art #painting #perthartist #artwork #art #illustration #portrait

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Rainbow Glare – Still for sale – $300

Hidden Beach – SOLD

Another one sold, yay! #art #painting #perthartist #exhibition #showoff12 #cityofcockburn #oceanart #waves

A photo posted by Sandy Gaskett (@violetanddarby) on

Great position of Rainbow Glare in the big sexy round room at Memorial Hall.

My Support Crew are awesome!

Voodoo Vacuum

Voodoo Vacuum
The Voodoo Vacuum
The Voodoo Vacuum

So I’m getting closer to finishing this one.. just a little more to do that will I hope make it really pop.

This will be exhibited and for sale in the coming Cockburn Show Off art exhibit in May 2015.

I’ve also started getting more into gouache, which gives this really great opaque feeling, bright colours all the way too!



“ArtEx Exhibition 2012

“ArtEx Exhibition 2012


I’m quite excited to be involved in this year’s  East Fremantle Primary school’s seventh Biennial Art Exhibition – ArtEx.

I will be submitting 4 older works and one new one, especially created for the event. (image below)

In previous years, this has been a major fundraising event for the school and is a unique exhibition which showcases the artwork of the East Fremantle Primary School students in conjunction with emerging and established artists. It is a professionally run event which aims to benefit the  primary school and the West Australian arts community.

This year the exhibition is being held for the first time in the heritage spaces of  the Fremantle B-Shed, Victoria Quay.

The event is opening on 30th November 2012, and running until 2nd December 2012.

Here’s the new piece, titled “The Novel Writer”

You’ll also see these up on display too!

Still waters
Go Hard or Go Home


Down Town





Bestiola’s Exhibition

Bestiola’s Exhibition

What a great night!

Lots of really really fantastic art!!  Soooo many talented people it makes me very glad to be apart of the whole event.  It was also wonderful to meet many of the artists and even discuss a few techniques and hints with them.

The exhibition runs until the 17th November, so get yourself down there if you can to Little Creatures Brewery, Mews Rd, Fremantle… grab a beer or a cider and take a wander… you wont regret it..!  I will post more photos soon, it’s just too late now and I can hardly keep my eyes open!!

Here’s mine… “Mo Faux”

Bestiolas Exhibition

Bestiolas Exhibition

Oh boyo boy!… am I looking forward to this exhibition!  Bestiolas!  For those smarty pants out there who speak latin, you’ll know the meaning, but for everyone else who is normal so to speak, it means “Little creature”.

It is being held at one of my favourite drinking holes, “Little Creatures Brewery” in Fremantle and will be featuring artworks from some really fantastic talent, not to mention new and emerging artists here in Perth.

I have to say I’m also pretty happy with my artwork… think cute, (yet creepy) little animal with huge ears.. lots of fluff…  and dark devilish eyes, that bore into your very soouuullll!!  *insert spooky music here*! 🙂

Can’t show you yet of course, but you can eventually see the piece and the others, in all their glory when it opens on Wednesday the 19th October, running till November 17.   It starts at 6pm, so hope to see you there for a pint or 3 whilst we oogle all the yummy art. (bring your wallet!)

Check out the wicked poster one of the participating artists created for the event… noice!

Show Off 5 Exhibition

Show Off 5 Exhibition

Well, it opens this Friday.. and I’m really looking forward to it.  This will be my 3rd “Show Off” exhibit that I’ve been invited to.  There’s been some beautiful works hung at these events… with some really well reputed artists on show.  It’s going to be a mad rush to get to the opening in time, what with this SharePoint course I have on all this week.    I’ve been so spoiled with working close to home… I really hate catching the train with a million other people at 7:30am… and then home again at 5:30pm.   I’m trying to think of it as an adventure and a break up of my normal work habits….!  Still, I think I just like my 5 minute drive through no traffic, where I can start my day without all that added icky stress.

Anyhow here’s the images of the pieces I’m showing in the Exhibit.

Green Highway….
came out a ripper… if it doesnt sell, i’m looking forward to
putting on my wall above our piano… the walls are green too! 🙂

Green Highway - Show Off 5 Exhibition

Balkans Fortune Teller …

This doesn’t show the entire frame, it actually came out alot better than i anticipated.

Balkans Fortune Teller - Show Off 5 Exhibition

Cactus Dreaming…

I think he came out a treat in his matt white border and frame.

Cactus Dreaming - Show Off 5 Exhibition

The Invites are always so pretty!