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Drongo’s Hero’s and Biscuits

Drongo’s Hero’s and Biscuits

I’m sure if you’re an aussie you’ll remember this guy – Cory Worthington… he seemed like as good as anyone to do a sketch of.

Cory Worthington #sketch #sketchbook #art #drawing #drongo #Bogan #pencilandink

Who is he? meh… watch this:

I’ve also just found out that Biscuit Magazine have done a small feature, showing some of my older artworks… check it all at –  biscuitmagazine.com.au to see what they wrote!

Now, my true inspiration this week was stumbling onto a Perth artists website called “Fieldey”   She describes her art as(quite accurately)  “Operating in the sweaty crease between surf, graffiti and tattoo art”.

She  shows herself painting a zombified Kurt Cobain over on YouTube and it’s just bloody amazing…. definitely watch this!  She’s so talented it makes me wish I had just an atom of her talent.  the sound track to this vid kicks arse too!