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Millions of zoodles!

Millions of zoodles!

It’s been a fun couple of weeks, we had Australia Day happen, and I felt inspired to create a very cute doodle of a Quokka... a small marsupial animal only found on an island just off our coast.  They are the cutest and happiest creatures on earth!


Holidays equals doodles!

Holidays equals doodles!

So I’ve had a few lovely escapes from the “Rat Race”, and when ever I go on road trips or generally just get away – the doodles ensue!

The October holiday was a long road trip to Uluru, (sometimes referred to as “Ayres Rock”).  It was a long 3 week driving journey right through the middle of Australia…. hot with a billion (no exaggeration) files… but amazing scenery.  Uluru is so amazing,  I was blown away by its majestic beauty and sheer magnitude.

I dropped some little pieces of art off into the places I stayed, so hopefully whoever found the pieces enjoyed the freebies.  Just little doodles though, nothing super amazing. hehe

I left the following two in different hotel rooms for whoever to find and the rest are just extra’s completed on the trip.

More later about my other trips along with photos of the sketching!

Another art drop at Hyden #hyden #waverock #artdrop #art #comic #pulp #pencil #portrait #artwork #doodle #drawing #sketch #onesketchaday #journal
These others are just general one’s created on the journey.


Lil Firestarter #doodle #sketching #sketch #onesketchaday #journal #pencil #portrait #illustration #comic #cartoon #draw #artworkTrixie loulou bell #art #drawing #doodles #sketch #onesketchaday #journal #illustration #lowbrow #journal #pencil #troublemaker
Devil chicky #art #onesketchaday #journal #illustration #comic #cartoon #draw #artwork #doodle #sketching #ideas #drawingWondering if I should colour this one in our not. #doodle #sketching #sketch #onesketchaday #journal #illustration #lowbrow #journal #pencil #art #drawing

Some amazing sights on our trip. I love road trips for just this kind of deal!

A #banksy in the Aussie outback. Slightly sceptical! #southaustralia #grafitti #afterhumans

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It’s better in real life #Uluru #australia #northernterritory #aryesrock

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Bestiola’s Exhibition

Bestiola’s Exhibition

What a great night!

Lots of really really fantastic art!!  Soooo many talented people it makes me very glad to be apart of the whole event.  It was also wonderful to meet many of the artists and even discuss a few techniques and hints with them.

The exhibition runs until the 17th November, so get yourself down there if you can to Little Creatures Brewery, Mews Rd, Fremantle… grab a beer or a cider and take a wander… you wont regret it..!  I will post more photos soon, it’s just too late now and I can hardly keep my eyes open!!

Here’s mine… “Mo Faux”

Feast your Eyes Festival

Feast your Eyes Festival

Well, it’s all over with and I have to be honest, I’m quite relieved! The build up to the event for myself personally was quite stressful… I hadn’t ever done a live painting gig before… and not that I’m a shy person, that doesn’t phase me… it was just hoping what I’d prepared would be good enough on the night… something that was worthy I guess of such a fantastic event!     There were many fine artists involved, and as exciting as that is, it can be quite daunting also.

But I have to say well done to the organisers, (and thank you!)  it was a fabulous night, with stacks of people in attendance. The art exhibition was wonderful.  My favourites were by Eve Young, Cherry, Ali J, Steven Christie’s,  Wanjie Song’s and Simon Boxer’s apocalyptic images were very cool.  Wish I’d had more time to check them all out.

At any rate, the night went very smoothly, besides the fact there was nearly no light for me to see by, it was just lucky the old hubby had brought along one of his little handy flash lights.

So I painted from 6pm till literally 10pm when the last band finished. The other artist, “Blake Poole” did an awesome spray painting,which he finished… and I’m sad to say, I didn’t get to complete mine on the night…which was a little disappointing.  Shoulda moved my butt a bit faster I think…  Next time (if I ever do this kinda thing again) I’ll definitely choose a simpler design!! Live and learn.  Three band’s also played opposite us as we painted, so it was really great painting to live music.  Billy Rogers, The Lonely Brothers & The Voltaire Twins.  I really enjoyed the Lonely Brothers, who are ALL chicks!

So here’s a few photo’s from the night.. unfortunately I didn’t get to take any photo’s of the art exhibition that was on, and there were some really crazy beautiful pieces on display.

The finished piece “South Fremantle Power Station”

Busily painting – trying to get it all completed.

Blake Poole’s awesome finished piece.

Illustration Friday – Detach

Illustration Friday – Detach

Everyone weekend I take to the field and play Hockey! I love the game!
Sadly though, this years’ season I’ve had quite a bit of bad luck, with injuries. Specifically my right ankle.

So far I’ve spent a month off after I rolled it so badly, it bruised half way up my shin. Then coming back all fired up – but I copped a heavy whack into the very same ankle, by a hockey ball hit at a tremendous speed, at close range – not 30 seconds into the game. GRR!

YEP! What I wouldn’t give to be able to detach that injured ankle, joint or foot and replace it with a brand new one!

I shouldn’t of, but I did play Saturday just gone, as the team would of been short players, and I did my best to half limp/run…. it was an important game, we needed to secure our place in the top four, to continue onto hopefully a Grand Final in coming weeks.

I can happily say we won (2 – 1) and I’m just praying my ankle heals up super fast, this next week, so I can keep playing to the end of season and come home with a medal in my hand!

Fancy pants, Big Nogg’n

Fancy pants, Big Nogg’n

I bought some new sexy ink pens! Faber-Castell, 8PITT artist pen MANGA Set. That’s the official name anyhow. Basically they’re all slightly different gradients of grey’s. So I had a little play with them whilst watching some bad TV… using one of my favourite 50’s photo books to use as a basis to sketch from.

And I know I should be filling out my moleskin pages on the days I’m drawing, but I have too many vacant pages damnit! So I’m just filling them up when I get the urge to draw! This guys head mutated slightly… but I was drawing in a dull lit room whilst watching TV. =)

You can tell I’m just not in the mood to sit and do long arduous sketches lately. I suppose I’m being lazy, but surely this will help my drawing skills in some manner? Or perhaps I’m just making excuses, to bad so sad.

Click to view the larger view
Fancy pants, Big Nogg’n, originally uploaded by Sandymichelle.