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Art class – realism

Art class – realism

So decided it was time to head back to the Fremantle Arts Centre, and do an interesting art course.   So with the company of a good friend, we go once a week for the next month or so, to attempt to be taught how to paint realistic styled paintings in OILS!  YES oils!!  I’m going to be giving it a go, and the first week, I wasn’t quite prepared for this medium so completed my first painting in acrylics… which as you can see didn’t turn out too badly.

My keys.


car keys



Here is the following weeks work.. where we need to paint a small item in a gridded up area.. our first victim, a simple chicken egg!

This time I went with Oils, and had tonnes of fun re-familiarising myself with the medium!




Feast your Eyes Festival

Feast your Eyes Festival

Well, it’s all over with and I have to be honest, I’m quite relieved! The build up to the event for myself personally was quite stressful… I hadn’t ever done a live painting gig before… and not that I’m a shy person, that doesn’t phase me… it was just hoping what I’d prepared would be good enough on the night… something that was worthy I guess of such a fantastic event!     There were many fine artists involved, and as exciting as that is, it can be quite daunting also.

But I have to say well done to the organisers, (and thank you!)  it was a fabulous night, with stacks of people in attendance. The art exhibition was wonderful.  My favourites were by Eve Young, Cherry, Ali J, Steven Christie’s,  Wanjie Song’s and Simon Boxer’s apocalyptic images were very cool.  Wish I’d had more time to check them all out.

At any rate, the night went very smoothly, besides the fact there was nearly no light for me to see by, it was just lucky the old hubby had brought along one of his little handy flash lights.

So I painted from 6pm till literally 10pm when the last band finished. The other artist, “Blake Poole” did an awesome spray painting,which he finished… and I’m sad to say, I didn’t get to complete mine on the night…which was a little disappointing.  Shoulda moved my butt a bit faster I think…  Next time (if I ever do this kinda thing again) I’ll definitely choose a simpler design!! Live and learn.  Three band’s also played opposite us as we painted, so it was really great painting to live music.  Billy Rogers, The Lonely Brothers & The Voltaire Twins.  I really enjoyed the Lonely Brothers, who are ALL chicks!

So here’s a few photo’s from the night.. unfortunately I didn’t get to take any photo’s of the art exhibition that was on, and there were some really crazy beautiful pieces on display.

The finished piece “South Fremantle Power Station”

Busily painting – trying to get it all completed.

Blake Poole’s awesome finished piece.