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Fury Illustration Finito

Fury Illustration Finito

Author and friend Shirley Marr asked for some artwork, depicting her characters from her most recent published book – “Fury”. For exchange of the book itself I agreed… I figured that was a great trade… the story is excellent. My daughter (15yrs)  also read it and enjoyed also.

I asked my daughter and her two girlfriends to model for the painting that I created. I really needed some snooty attituded posing.. and they sure did come through.

I must admit that I’ve been having a few problems of late getting my head into the right space to create, this and a few other paintings.  Painters block or something?  It happens I guess. But hey, I have finished and I do quite like the finished product.

One of the many reviews: “A thrilling, fantastic (and sarcastic) read.” http://heyteenager.blogspot.com

Black Dog Books: http://www.bdb.com.au/books/fury

I am definitely looking forward to Shirley’s next book, which I believe is being written now and perhaps if not finished, just about.  Keep a look out for her name, you’ll be seeing alot more of her.


Fury , originally uploaded by GasBombGirl.

illustration friday – old fashioned

illustration friday – old fashioned

I’ve surfed for a few years… but I think the ladies who surfed back in the old days were very brave indeed! It’s such a male orientated sport to say the least.. and we were often given heaps for giving it a go. In the end we rallyed together and formed an all girls surfriders club back in 1986, which we aptly called “The Gidget Surfriders”. They were some wild fun times I tell ya… made so many great friends too.

Anyhow, here’s my water colour painting (testing out things with a slightly different style too) for “old fashioned” in this week’s illustration Friday’s theme… an ode to the good old fashioned surfer gal….”Cowabunga!!”