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The Tattooed Lady

The Tattooed Lady

Having some more fun with Photoshop.  I’ve always liked dabbling, but after seeing what that guy ReplaceFace has done, I thought I’d step it up a little.  I can see a complete series occuring and it all becoming quite addictive!!

Here’s the first one – myself as the Tattooed Lady – in a full swing “Carnie Folk” feel.  I couldnt quite get the angle of my face quite right, but hey… gotta start some where!

If you have any idea’s or images to add to – let me know and I’ll give it a go!

Tattooed Lady, Photoshopped
Myself as the Tattooed Lady

Drongo’s Hero’s and Biscuits

Drongo’s Hero’s and Biscuits

I’m sure if you’re an aussie you’ll remember this guy – Cory Worthington… he seemed like as good as anyone to do a sketch of.

Cory Worthington #sketch #sketchbook #art #drawing #drongo #Bogan #pencilandink

Who is he? meh… watch this:

I’ve also just found out that Biscuit Magazine have done a small feature, showing some of my older artworks… check it all at –  biscuitmagazine.com.au to see what they wrote!

Now, my true inspiration this week was stumbling onto a Perth artists website called “Fieldey”   She describes her art as(quite accurately)  “Operating in the sweaty crease between surf, graffiti and tattoo art”.

She  shows herself painting a zombified Kurt Cobain over on YouTube and it’s just bloody amazing…. definitely watch this!  She’s so talented it makes me wish I had just an atom of her talent.  the sound track to this vid kicks arse too!

lost in space scribbles

lost in space scribbles

lost in space scribblesOriginally uploaded by GasBombGirl 

I love this old tv series – I just love the whole kitsch feel to the show, wish i could capture it on paper in some way… i just scribbled as i watched today, it was a nice way to unwind.

I think it’s time to head back to some sort of painting, or drawing class. I need to get my sketching back on track, or something… Not feeling very happy about my processes.

Shadow’s on faces drive me loony.. it just seems to confuse me so much.. not sure where i go wrong, but i’m thinking just a class to get myself back on track, might be what I need.